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I have just left facebook. In the process of deactivating my account, I was asked if I had any concerns. My reply:

"I have several concerns actually, including privacy, getting too many emails and notifications, not finding facebook at all useful except for wasting time. My biggest concern is that it's begun to eat up time I'd rather spend doing other things. I feel like I get sucked in and too much time passes without me noticing. I think this is very bad for someone who is trying to live a meaningful life. And as tomorrow is my first day teaching high school, I do not want to run the risk that my students might suffer because I got sucked into facebook and didn't spend enough time writing quality lessons for them. Also, I find it very difficult to make time enough to exercise and stay healthy because of the time-sucking quality of facebook. As far as your business is concerned, I am sure this will sound like a positive thing. But as far as my living a quality life is concerned, it is not."

I am not sure if this is the sort of feedback they were looking for, but it expresses my feelings about their product. I do not at present have the same feelings about g+. I am curious to see if a similar distaste develops.
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