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Welcome to New France 1659
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Tout a commencer sur les plaines d'Abraham avec cette image de l'Habitation construite par Samuel de Champlain en 1608 - par C. W. Jefferys (1869-1951). Mon grand, grand... pere Jean Houymet arrive en Nouvelle France le 6 juin 1659 abord du Saint Sacrifice d' Abraham et voit cette architype d'une nouvelle culture...

This is the image of Habitation, a structure build by Samuel de Champlain in 1608 - by C. W. Jefferys (1869-1951). My ancester, Jean Houymet arrived in New France on June 6th, 1659 on board of the Saint Sacrifice d'Abraham and see this architype of a new culture...
much need of work and creativity in this pictures...respect for excellence
Dragan, Thanks for the comment! C. W. Jefferys was a great painter and architectural drawing teacher in Toronto. He like to paint French-Canadian and First Nations historical events. I really like is work, since I'm French-Canadian architect and sometime I paint. This painting is valid for historical reference and the quality of the perspective is a window in the past.
Donna, Thanks for sharing! I was looking at your beautiful post at the time... Something is great about the artwork of Canadians...
Mary M
Beautiful, did you paint this?
Hello Mary, Thanks for the comment! Look at the first comment I have your answer in english and french.
"Tout ça a commencé sur les plaines d'Abraham" Robert Charlebois. Il fait reference au milleux du 18e siècle mais pour moi tout a commencé sur les plaines en 1659, une cinquantaine d'années après l'arrivée de Samuel de Champlain.
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