Lifeguards needed

The world needs lifeguards (not just water lifeguards), but people who can counsel others (listen to others and encourage them). Various communities on Google Plus have many people who are in pain and torment hungering for attention. The truth is that, it is better to give than to receive (refer to Acts 20:35). In other words, when we hunger for love and attention and don't receive it from others, it is important to remind ourselves that it is better to give love and attention to others instead of being sad that we're not receiving it ourselves. When you give love and attention to others, not only will you find happiness from doing that, but most people will also reciprocate that and show their gratefulness to you.
I'm in the same boat, I also battle with loneliness. God only knows how long I've been single and trying to find the right person to share love and care with. I have my own unfair circumstances that I live in (I'm surrounded by sociopaths- even in my own family). I'm trying my best to escape from their control. In the mean time, I decided to search for various online communities where I could make a difference through my current suffering and torment. I challenge everyone who is hurting here to do the same. What you sow, you will reap (when you do good deeds, it will come back to you). I came across this song "I'm always here" and I was inspired by the lyrics.
Just wanted to emphasize couple of stanzas from the song (

"Some people stand in the darkness
Afraid to step into the light
Some people need to help somebody
When the edge of surrenders in site

Don't you worry,
It's gonna be alright
'Cause I'm always ready
I won't let you outta my sight

(I'll be ready) I'll be ready
(Whenever you fear) oh don't you fear
(I'll be ready)
Forever and always, I'm always here

In us we all have the power
But sometimes it's so hard to see
That instinct is stronger than reason
It's just human nature to me

Don't you worry,
It's gonna be alright
'Cause I'm always ready
I won't let you outta my sight"

Thus, may we be inspired to be lifeguards to people who are in the same boat as us. All you need to do is be willing to listen to others and encourage them by telling them, "don't worry, it's gonna be alright. Hang in there." Pray for them (pray for each other) that God may intervene and help every person. Sometimes, God may show us how He can use us to help them specifically (perhaps, someone who is going through financial problems). At other times, when we don't have resources to help others, God only expects us to encourage them and pray for them so that He may intervene in their life.

Just yesterday, I saw a post from a teenage girl on another community (depression forum) who was asking, "what the world would be like if she was gone?"
I responded by telling her that the world would lose someone who could've made an impact on others- someone who could've been the salt and light to a morally dark and decaying world (which is filled with sociopaths who bully and destroy each other). The world would be potentially losing a lifeguard who failed to see their own worth. I also told her that the world could lose someone who could've turned out to be a great scientist, engineer, doctor, nurse, etc. who could've become successful and get more resources (like financial resources and knowledge) to help others in need. I explained to her how in America, many are suffering because of a poor primary and secondary education system (elementary and high school education) which doesn't prepare them for college. In countries like India and China, they train children to memorize textbooks starting from pre-school. So for around 14 years (from pre-school to high school), they are sensitized and trained to study properly by memorizing textbooks and thereby being experts at taking standardized exams (as such exams require you to prepare on a broader scale by being thorough with entire textbooks). In America, the elitists have dumbed down the population. When American kids enter college, they get a rude awakening as they are not prepared to face college courses which all of a sudden require you to be able to memorize textbooks and excel in standardized exams. Thus, many drop out and are forced to get minimum wage jobs. This fuels further depression and poor lifestyle choices. I've touched on this topic in another post (

I further told her that if she is still in high school, to focus on standardized exams like the SAT and ACT. I told her to search for prep material like from companies like Kaplan which offer many questions with explanations, and then to become an expert at them by memorizing the questions and their concepts (the key to master them is by doing them over and over again until you know them like the back of your hand). It will be the same when students face standardized exams in their individual college courses as well as for entrance into grad school. Exams like the MCAT, USMLE, NCLEX, etc. require you to study around 2,000 questions (I think) from prep material and become an expert at them.
Instead of being depressed, become good at something like your studies and career- that's my encouragement to everyone. May people here spread such enlightenment to others. This is how you make an impact in other people's lives- by helping them to get out of their pit of misery and despair and show them how to succeed in their lives- something that the American elected leaders and education officials need to learn from.

Hosea 4:6 (NIV):
my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge........
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