Idolizing relationships

I've struggled with singleness and idolizing relationships for a long time. However, I understand that can be a hard truth to accept (i.e. the idea of relationships being idols) for others. Thus, I hope God will help you understand that. When I was composing this message to encourage and enlighten others, God was using that to remind myself that I need to let go of idolizing relationships- as many times, it's affected my walk with Him (as you have the tendency to doubt His goodness and care for your life- He always has our best interest at heart- thus He may choose to delay to give us things or not giving us things altogether). I've seen Him keep things away from me so that I wouldn't land into trouble. That's been hard for me to accept, but as time has gone, I've seen and learned more regarding what all He wanted to teach me and be careful about- regarding human relationships. I've learned so much about being careful to not get mixed up with the wrong people. I'm reminded of the example of Dalia Dippolito (a sociopath) who solicited for the services of an assassin to plot the murder of her husband. Her plans got foiled. When you see her tactics and behavior (to manipulate her husband to convince him that she's innocent), I started recognizing sociopathic women in my own life around me who I had been suspicious of because of their abusive behavior. Now I know much more in how to recognize them and stay away from them. Such sociopaths (whether male or female) will destroy you. The truth is, the world has deteriorated so badly that it's hard to find a godly and good person. That's really frustrating. It's like sociopaths hook up and just keep jumping from one relationship to another. However, if they get their hands on a nice guy or girl (a godly person)- they will destroy them. I believe that's one of the things God wanted to teach me in my season of singleness- which I'm grateful for. I know what it's like to be deceived by the charm/friendliness of both male and female sociopaths- and I've gotten hurt real badly in the past. They are more poisonous than snakes. Through all of these things, I've learned- never ever idolize human relationships. You just can't fully see people's hearts and minds to see who is dangerous, as only God can do that. As believers (Christians), you are limited to know whether or not they are bad- by only examining their character. If they are ungodly/carnal minded Christians or ungodly non-Christians, stay away from them.
Idolizing human relationships to the point of thinking you need such (unknown) sociopaths to make you happy is quite foolish. It will destroy you and your walk with God as I've already explained.

Some clips to check out:

(1). Examining the case of Dalia Dippolito (refer to

Even her own husband had a hard time cutting her out of his life after he found out her plot. It's because he has no clue of what sociopathy is. Most people don't, as mental health professionals know about such disorders and how to deal with them. Cops knew how to deal with Dalia during her interrogation. They didn't fall for her acting and lies. The common man doesn't know that. The common man (uneducated/ignorant about such things) falls for the play-acting and charm tactics of sociopaths.

(2). How sociopaths (among both males and females) target nice people's self-esteem to reject them and destroy them (this is what leads to depression in many people):

Again, I'm not trying to single out females for being the only examples of sociopaths. Male sociopaths also exist. A good example of someone I know (at least from the TV world) is Christian from the Nip Tuck series. What a dangerous narcissistic sociopathic sex predator he is! He knew how to play his sociopathic charm and psychological warfare with the character- Kimber (a narcissistic sociopath, but dumb/uneducated when compared to Christian who is a plastic surgeon).
The James Bond character is also a good example of a narcissistic sociopathic sex predator (womanizer). These sociopathic characters (also known as alpha males) know how to charm, manipulate, use, and destroy the self-esteem of women (of course, females have their own version of such sociopathic behavior- which I'm not sure if this term has been applied to them yet, but I think we can call them alpha females. I think the term maneater is already in use to describe such female sociopaths). In the real world, many women today are dumb enough to fall for real sociopaths like the above characters and actually hate/mistreat nice guys (refer to the second link above) because they have a screwed up psychology. They will destroy the self-esteem of nice guys (by making them feel inadequate- by telling them they're not physically attractive enough, not tall enough, overweight or too skinny, wrong skin complexion/race, religion, occupation, not enough wealth, etc.). Spiritually, they can also detest Biblical godliness which characterizes a true nice guy, as sociopaths are the children of the devil.
The world has become filled with both male and female sociopaths. That's why God says in the Bible to not trust and depend on humans (refer to Jeremiah 17:5-10). It's just plain dumb. The only relationship you can trust and depend on is your relationship with God. That can be hard to accept because we're wired to be attracted to human relationships, and our sinful nature (our inner enemy) makes it hard for us to let go of the need to have relationships. The sinful nature has destroyed a once perfect world and created many sociopaths that aren't willing to repent, change and become godly (and thereby become suitable partners).

Anyway, I hope God will help you understand regarding all of these things. When He asks us to change, we can be stubborn, but it's always for our own good that He asks us to change our way of thinking and practices. We must remember that we have a sinful nature that is at work which causes us to hate godly change. It is our enemy within. Don't let that sinful nature deceive you. It's something I've had to learn the hard way many times in my own life.

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