Many American voters think they have found their messiah who will solve all of their problems

The 2016 election cycle is over, and the nation has shown that it is divided. To me, Trump is not the messiah to America's problems. Since Trump has shown that he has no godliness in him (through his wickedness, narcissism, sociopathy- which are all traits of Satan also), I personally wouldn't put much hope in him or the government to fight for us/save us from anything. Whether Democrat/Republican, they all tend to work for the devil at the end of the day. Last time Republicans took control of the Presidency and both the houses- it was back in the Bush era. What a disaster that became- with 2 wars and economic collapse. I have a feeling that in the name of combating Islamic militants, these warmongers are going to take America into another war(s)- and thereby pave the way to establish a new world order (through wars and economic collapse). Trump and the conservatives are warmongers (as seen from the pattern in the past). Have Republicans ever fixed the economy, created jobs and stayed out of wars? They're all about big business (and big businesses will do whatever to maximize their profits- by outsourcing jobs). That's what baffles me about the American public- why they don't they ever learn that Big Business supporters are not the solution to helping the poor and middle class. America can't compete with places like India and China because their education system is far better (from elementary school onwards). They train them properly to memorize text books from an early age- and in the process they become good at taking standardized exams. Why do American kids struggle today? They know nothing about memorizing textbooks until they reach college- where they get screwed for the first time. Many don't figure out how to study properly and how to prepare for standardized exams- and then drop out and get minimum wage jobs. They are forced to pray for manufacturing jobs (which is dying in America). Manufacturing jobs don't have job security in America, as again, big businesses favor profits- so they'll look wherever they don't have to pay the level of American wages to manufacture their goods (i.e. third world countries).
Every election cycle, new scam artists (from both parties) come to dupe the American population with false promises. It's only when they fix the American education system to match with countries like Great Britain, India, and China- that America will start producing white collared workers who can compete with those countries. Indian and Chinese educations systems are modeled after the British system (because of British colonial roots). That's why they excel among the rest of the world- they are trained for getting white collared jobs (getting their foundation from pre-school onwards). In America, the education pundits/policy makers are clueless and have become sociopathic/apathetic (showing no empathy towards their fellow citizens) to poor education standards and practices- which are screwing the population. When you compare American school levels with foreign school levels- you'll see that foreign schools start teaching advanced subjects much earlier (especially in mathematics and science). For example, 6th grade in Indian schools will be teaching biology, chemistry and physics, algebra, and geometry. Most schools in America start only touching those subjects in the beginning of high school. Also, students in the above mentioned foreign countries learn to memorize textbooks from pre-school onwards. Their teachers quiz them everyday (through oral recitation) from their textbooks and make them write impositions (writing out text from textbooks onto notebooks- multiple times until it's been programmed into their minds). They make them into human computers. This starts from pre-school all the way up to college in those countries. In America, nothing like that happens. American students are not trained/sensitized to memorizing textbooks by the time they enter college. That's why most don't succeed in college (as college is a dramatic change to the requirement of memorizing textbooks and preparing for exams on a broader scale- also known as standardized exams).
College in America- has become only a money making scheme instead of actually making sure every student succeeds. They make students entering college feel like it's their fault for not being able to make it in college. They are sociopaths who cover up the incompetence in the American education system to prepare people for college (sociopaths always shift the blame off of themselves and instead onto their victims). To add to this problem, they make colleges expensive in America to the point where students are forced to work while studying, in order to pay their fees. I believe this is also an obstacle created by Satan and his elitists to steal time away from students so that they won't get enough time to memorize the plethora of textbooks that they are expected to master (the elitists are purposely trying to sabotage the pursuit of education in order to create slaves). The elitists in America want as many people who are uneducated and who can be forced/manipulated to work minimum wage jobs, instead of being forced to pay higher salaries to educated people. This is what the American voter needs to understand- this is the real issue plaguing the country. The big problem is not immigration, trade, and foreign policy, fighting against terror- as none of these are going to bring jobs to the U.S. Only improvement in the education system will equip the average American to be competitive with the rest of the world. Immigration, trade, foreign policy/fighting against terror- are actually used as a smokescreen by American leaders to gaslight the public (shift the focus off the real problem- i.e. both a poor primary and secondary level education system in America which don't prepare people for college and thereby not make them prepared to compete for white collared jobs).
The American voter needs to start confronting and asking American leaders (from all political parties)- "why have they been so negligent in not addressing this problem?" For the past century, why have they been such a failure? They have failed their own citizens. They boast about their intelligence agencies and defense capabilities, however, why did they fail to address and resolve this problem? Did their intel not pick up how Indians and Chinese have modeled their education system? They are so busy hunting down terrorists, why did they fail to equip every American to succeed in their education and career for the past century? That should be criminal negligence. The elitists are purposely dumbing down the population to create slaves (regardless of anyone's race and religion) who become dependent on minimum wage jobs/blue collared jobs. They themselves probably manipulate and orchestrate racial tensions in order to use that as a smokescreen to cover up their real agendas. Ultimately, Satan uses such sociopathic elitists to establish his plan to make robot hybrid slaves who will only serve and worship him in his new world order (refer to my post

The war against terror, I think has been created by big businesses (defense industry, oil industry, etc.) all in order to control and regulate the control of oil especially in the Middle East. Obviously, people in the Middle East will not like it if you came to capitalize on their resources. Americans wouldn't tolerate it if someone else came and capitalized on our resources. Both have their paranoia also- i.e. conservative Islamic countries don't want the western culture and religions in their countries through trade/business done through oil, just like how Americans fear the spread of Islam and Sharia law through immigration. Thus, I think the root cause of terrorism is big businesses using other countries for their capitalist agenda. The war against terrorism is their own doing for power and greed. It's a smokescreen which blinds American voters to not realize the real cause of their problems- poor education practices and a bunch of greedy thugs who keep them dumb.

If the American voter held the government accountable to improve education practices and standards along with not angering people of third world countries (by using them for their resources like oil and taking advantage of them to satisfy big businesses/various industries who capitalize on that)- then we really wouldn't have major issues (fear of terrorism and fear of jobs being outsourced).

Hosea 4:6 (NIV):
my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge........

As I already stated above, perhaps, Satan wants dumb people so that they will be forced/manipulated to receive the Mark of the Beast and things related to it like brain chip implants [which are currently being developed] which are supposed to make you smarter and better in every way as you'll be connected directly to the internet- the information highway). Satan wants to convert humans into robot hybrids (his mind controlled slaves) who will only serve and worship him in his new world order and one world religion. Refer to my post for more on this upcoming mind control brain chip implant which will deceive people ( That's why you see all races (white, black, brown, etc.) struggling and forced to work minimum wage jobs/blue collared jobs. It's how the sociopathic elitists (Satan and his human henchmen) enforce their elitism- by eliminating their competition and making them dumb. This allows political parties and various industries (ex. entertainment industry) of America to capitalize on this also. Satan uses the entertainment industry and unhealthy foods (food industry) to create addictions as well as ADHD/ADD in people. Just look at how much the rest of the world is being influenced by Hollywood's sorceries (refer to Revelation 18:23). When the population is deliberately made dumb, such people will fall for the WWE and TV soap opera type of drama between political parties (ex. Republicans vs Democrats) in order to be manipulated and brainwashed by them to do their will (i.e. put them into power). American politicians in the past have been seen at a war of words with each other, but then seen together playing golf (i.e. Republican politicians spending time together with their Democratic "foes"). Only God knows if it's all orchestrated/choreographed/scripted drama like the WWE (wrestling). I don't think slavery has left America (as modern human elitists also want slaves, regardless of race/religion). Perhaps, it's still alive and well.
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