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Kim Connelly
I sew. A lot.
I sew. A lot.

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DIY: Draft snake
Living in a 100+ year old house has its advantages. Drafts are not one of those advantages. Case in point: my studio door. Look at that gap...Look. At. That. Gap...did I mention it's an outside door and that's sunlight you're seeing?! I'm pretty sure a smal...

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Tutorial: Quilted tea cozy
I've got a quick and easy quilted tea cozy tutorial up on imagine gnats today (or, actually, I guess it was yesterday - I've been busy, okay?!) It even got picked up on as well! Woo hoo! The design was originally concocted for a recent chari...

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Around the house: Sewing studio (again)
I seem to move house a lot. That means I have occasion to share photographs of my sewing space quite often. Today, I bring you the most recent incarnation as photographed by my talented friend and colleague, Mel. She needed pics for a photography class she'...

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Wiksten Tova all finished and so am I!
Ahhh, Wiksten Tova I have coveted you for so many years (like, two whole years) and finally, on this, the last day of Selfish Sewing Week you are are mine! You took longer to sew than all of my other projects combined and I didn't t...

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Two Tessuti Tops
If you haven't seen it before, let me introduce you to Our Fave Top by Tessuti Fabrics. The pattern is a free download on their website so you have no excuse not to make this top for yourself right away. Go, do it! After making my first one earlier in the w...

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Wiksten tank, I'm in love
Be still my heart. The Wiksten tank pattern is my new favourite pattern. Ever. Anyhow, this pattern is absolutely lovely. Easy to do. So totally accurate. And it fits beautifully. I think I might make about 50 more! The pattern calls for encased seams so I ...

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Sewing up a storm and then some
Behold just some of the patterns and fabric on my list to sew up this coming week during Selfish Sewing Week . Lots of prep work going on around here to try to help me juggle my sewing ambitions with the fact that Abner is on school break and I'm in hand-ov...

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Finished custom cross quilt
My list of projects to sew has reached epic proportions. Truly epic. I blame it mostly on the fact that next week is Selfish Sewing Week and I have big plans to participate this year...a few tops and a dress or two ought to keep me busy. I'm looking forward...

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The one with the stylish firewood carrier
While the rest of you up in the Northern Hemisphere are all "Ooooh, look at the pretty blossoms!" and "I finally got to spend the day in the garden." and "See ya later snow!" the rest of us down here in at the bottom of the world are gearing up for winter. ...

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Quilted tea cozy for a cause
The lovely ladies of the Northern Artery Arts Collective have a wonderful fundraiser planned for next month. The group is putting on a tea party event on 17 May and will be auctioning off tea cozies made by local artisans to raise funds and awareness for th...
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