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Google+ has a very high mountain to climb. I think people will, ultimately, choose FB or Goog+ as their core social networking platform, gradually leaving the other behind. I think the new FB changes, once people adapt, will strongly enhance stickiness to the detriment of Google.If Goog+ was out 5 years ago they might have had a shot. Right now I do not see them winning big. Goog+ may work well for the tech sophisticated, but for those 90% who are tech simpletons, FB works just fine, thank you very much.
Which also happens to be the one that explains why Yahoo and AOL are flailing.
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fail. Did you also take into account that facebook keeps people inside by creating apps for every damn newspaper and service that it wants to link out. Google+ will survive because they want to keep you out there. Facebook will fail because they only want you to stay in facebook. That defeats the purpose of the internet entirely.

+Brian Deagon your recent 2012 tech predictions are overflowing with fail.
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