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Angie Follensbee-Hall

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Hi Yogi's! I am working on delivering more content, that means finding quick ways to record videos. Youtube lets you upload directly to your webcam so this is my first attempt. We have many videos coming to you, some recorded with our Nikon at high resolution and high quality sound, but I want you to have LOTS of access, so sometimes there will be these quick low-tech videos. Let us know what yoga questions you have- asana, pranayama, meditation, or even philosophy and we will strive to answer them. Namaste!

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You're Better Than You Think
Paradigms and Emergence Those who know me well, know I like to clean things out.... I
clean out the old, ALL THE TIME.  My poor kids.  We are always going
through the toys and clothes they no longer use, and we move them on.  I
don't hold onto things tha...

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Inspiration in a mustard seed...
I have a theory of life.  That we all long to connect and to live a life of meaning and inspiration.  Now these might seem like HUGE topics that are overwhelming, some grand life event, but think about it for a minute.  How often does a tiny moment inspire ...

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More thoughts on Joy, inspired by Sandra Dodd "Try the idea that it might be enjoyable to do work.  To clean, cook,
type, compute.  Happiness might last a few seconds, but joy can be
ongoing, can be felt before, during, and after our goals. A tiny moment ...

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 Blizzards of Abundance! We spent yesterday camped out in the house.  After our morning practices
and some time filming (more on this later!!), we cooked a HUGE pot of
bean soup, and played some  math card games & connect the dots (this
is a new pastime ...

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Practice a few Sun Salutations with me! Let me know if there are specific sequences you would like to see!

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Just a Quote on Joy...
Sometimes I read Sandra Dodd, and I feel that I am reading deep spiritual writing.  It touches my very soul.  Here is a quote from her.  My share for the day: "Your life is yours, and it is being lived even as you read this. Do not
wait for approval. Do no...

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I hope you enjoy this video!

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The Passion of Unschooling
I like to dance with ideas.  I flirt with them.  I think of the thought, consider, read, experiment, and test some more.  Then I like to read reviews and see what others say against my idea.  I feel permeable, able to absorb information that works, leave be...
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