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Shockingly popular
 We live in an electronic world. Modern cars and planes depend on sophisticated electronics. Washing machines. Wrist watches. Mobile phones. Electronics - and the work of electronics engineers - is all around us.
That’s why A Level in Electronics is such a popular and rewarding course. It gives students a powerful grounding in all the elements of electronic design. But your course isn’t just theoretical. You’ll also get to design and build your own electronics systems.
Go with the current
A qualification in electronics will really take you places. Imagine yourself designing the next generation of mobile phone, or the dashboard for an all electric sports car. You could travel the world with the armed forces, or stay nearer home as a teacher.
Your key learning
The first year (AS) of Electronics covers all the key
 components that go into electronic design. Capacitors, diodes, transducers, logic gates, amplifiers... they’re all part of the toolkit that electronics designers use. You’ll also have a first year project to design and make an electronic solution to a real life problem.
In the second year you’ll step up a level to topics like microprocessors, robotics and communications systems. This will help you to decide which area of electronics really interests you. And as in the first year you’ll have a practical project so you can get to grips with a solution that you can see really working.

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