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George Cuevas
The Biggest Real Estate Marketing Mexican North of the Rio Grande
The Biggest Real Estate Marketing Mexican North of the Rio Grande

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im really digging this, I just published episode 14 on my podcast. I'm hoping to keep this up this pace and try to get to 25 episodes by the end of the year. it's so much fun to do

I just started my podcast this summer. I'm getting a lot of people who are using Android phones who want to listen to it and since im an Apple guy I really have no idea. I searched online for a few apps and thought I would ask here about APPS you guys think work best for downloading podcasts on an ANDROID. thanks

Does anyone in the group have a specialty/expertise on the use of Drones for Video and Photography? I'm looking to interview an expert on this subject for the real estate community. thanks guys

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I just did my forth interview today, it's so much fun doing this even though I'm still a total newbie at it. 

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Finally after 1 year of total procrastination (the resistance) im on a roll with recording some podcast and improving my skills. today i edited my first interview and it feels awesome.

hey guys, im stumped..... I'm working in Adobe Audition and working on post editing my podcast in it. Up to now I've been using bossjock. 

My question: How to duck the music track over my vocal track for my introduction. I know its a basic question, but i've been stuck on this for an hour and getting desparate. thanks in advance

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My first podcast, yay

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How To Guide for Making Videos on Facebook, it's here amigos....
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