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Jeremy Shipp
Bram Stoker Award-nominated author. Gnomes like me. Attic Clowns--not so much.
Bram Stoker Award-nominated author. Gnomes like me. Attic Clowns--not so much.

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Anyone else care to join the nightmare? My new horror book is 89% funded with about an hour to go. 

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You are magical. You are a ring to rule them all. You are a wand with a Thestral hair core. You are a crystal ball in David Bowie's hands.

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Check it out, peeps. Shotgun Logic has posted a lovely new review of IN THE FISHBOWL, WE BLEED.

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Free with Kindle Unlimited!


“Jeremy C. Shipp’s boldness, daring, originality, and sheer smarts make him one of the most vital younger writers who have colonized horror literature in the past decade. Shipp’s modernist clarity, plus his willingness to risk damn near everything, put him up at the head of the pack with the very best.” 
—Peter Straub, author of Ghost Story 

A model in a beaded dress claws off her own face, her nails working on her skin like potato peelers. A woman surgically removes her fingers to become the ragdoll her husband always wanted. A disturbed billionaire hires a professional companion to act as his own personal hamster. IN THE FISHBOWL, WE BLEED collects nine stories from the chthonic imagination of Jeremy C. Shipp -- acclaimed author of VACATION, CURSED and ATTIC CLOWNS. 

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Date ideas:
-use a shrink ray to travel into each other's hearts
-come up with a world domination plan together
-search for hedgehog ghosts

Date ideas:
-lose yourselves in a mystical labyrinth and try not to die
-get tattoos of each other's cats
-build a castle out of pillows

Date ideas: 
-play chicken while piloting giant cat mechas 
-arrange a date for your doppelgangers and mess with them the whole night

Why go out and party when you can dress your cats in Victorian frocks and make them catnip tea.
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