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Hi, WEBDAV access appears to be broken again... This has happened several times in the past when ES Pro has rolled out a new Rev. or upgrade.
I know it's not my WEBDAV server as I can access it via Windows and on Android using Solid File Explorer.

Please could you look at this issue - I've had to switch to Solid File Explorer, but ES Pro is much, much better!

Hi! I've been using the Stock LP (Hong Kong) on my V500 since I bought it - flashed the KDZ straight from the box using the LG Tools.
I've been thinking about changing the Kernel to Fishears StockPlus (to resolve the SD card dismounts and gamma issues) but keep the device as Stock as possible, for some time and have been researching.

Think I've pretty much got it right in my head on the way to go:
1/ Downgrade to KK 4.4.2 using LG tools
2/ Root using ioroot
3/ Install TWRP using RASHR or TWRP Manager
4/ Flash Stock HK LP image using TWRP
5/ Flash MLTDisable using TWRP
6/ Flash StockPlus using TWRP
7/ Flash LPBootloader using TWRP.
**thanks to all on this forum and XDA for the tips**

Couple of quick questions:
1/ Do you lose root when flashing a LP img over KK install with TWRP?
2/ Do you lose access to TWRP when flashing LPBootloder over a KKBootloader?

Any help / advice / constructive comments gratefully received...

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Well impressed! Would pay for an offline version its that good.

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Se volete installare lollipop ufficiale (Rom Korea rilasciata qualche giorno fa) seguite questo link

Al momento non riscontro problemi, funziona tutto correttamente

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I've just updated my V500-GERMANY to original Lolli and it runs well.

Backup all your Data!!! This is an update from scratch!!!

1. Have a Windows PC
2. Download/Install LG Flash Tool 2014
3. Search Twitter for LG Firmware and download the latest AHKG Version .kdz file
4. Put the .kdz file into the LG Flash Tool Directry
5. USB plug the V500 to your PC.
6. Start the LG Flash Tool
7. choose the downloaded .kdz
8. Klick CSE Flash and follow the instructions
9. After 10-15 Min your V500 will boot to Lolli
10. Unplug USB and setup your V500

SgurrUaran from Wylam / Prudhoe way.
L4 noob.
Best exercise I've had in years!

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