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Rana Sada Ali
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Rana Sada Ali

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Natural Life Development Organization
The Organization
In 1974, Dr. Guhlam Shabbir took initiative for social support of the local deprived communities of Khurrianwala city in the fields of health, skills development, gender reforms and justice. This period was crucial especially for these subjects and the subject of social support was not formal like current scenario. So, that it was naturally a working of depression and pressure from the community of leading class and social pressure for him from his own class but the was a legendry man with his own missions and targets of life. He did all this without any guideline or support. It was the voice of his consciousness and subject for his inner satisfaction.
In 1978, he had registered his foundation from Social Welfare Act. Same year, he had established a skills development center for girls for stitching, embroidery and beautician courses. He was a chairman of Zakat and Ushr Committee of Khurrianwala and did a lot to suuport to deprived persons espacially widows and orphans in his area. He set co-operatives of landloard community and gives an addition of thousands of acre of barran lands of the area. 
He was died in 2003 and passed the responsibility to his son Rana Sada.
Rana Sada was already doing an active part in this foundation and he always spend time after his schooling for support and help of the community. He learnt a lot from his father but he was so youg for this responsibility. He had enough devotation and spirit to run this institution of his father to give it rew directions. 

In short, NLDO plays its character in games, justice, women, anti-narcotics and many other fields for the support and relief of the society and it is a mission of two generations with a history of more than 37 years.

To participate to create peaceful, prosperous, progressive and equal society
Provide equal chances to deprived communities and move collectively for Peace & Human Security, Livelihood Enhancement, Gender Reforms, Agriculture Development, Good governance and regional unity

A peaceful society has opportunity, justice and democracy with safety of life on trustworthy foundations of socioeconomic and political uplifts. Harmony of religions, sects and war against poverty. Providing them consolation in life to say what they think, act and react

Message from Executive Director
I have a vision and target in our planning to become a national level organization and in our first phase, we want to start a comprehensive coverage of our District Faisalabad and within one year the coverage of three Districts from Punjab. I feel we as social workers need to do more with some extendable approach of democratic procedures, poverty reduction strategies and betterment in the fields of agriculture and livestock. I believe in the reforms and better use of technology in the field of agriculture and livestock is the real solution for our development as we are basically an agricultural economy. 

As a social worker, I feel the trend to migration towards urban areas from rural regions is also very critical. We need to urbanize the rural belts by the urban facilities. We need to be more focused for skills development as non-formal educationalist for our youth to reduce their dissatisfaction and more useful for society. We need reforms in education sector by application of technical and useful curriculums. We need to continue democratic procedure as week democracy is much better than any type of dictatorship. We need to develop more indicators to observe the democratic procedures and better involvement of the civil society to observe and protect democratic procedures.

The vicious poverty gives our population all miseries which are basic element of deprived communities e.g. health & education, feudalism, unemployment/under employment, gender discrimination, religious extremism, lawlessness and human trafficking etc. We as the representatives of civil society need to adopt and design better practices to reduce the miseries of our society.

Social sector technocrats see this area as a main challenge for social development which has only one solution. New local leadership, unfortunately, the current political and social leadership is not only corrupt but also have their interests to not develop these communities and areas. So, there is corrupt political authorities and corrupt civil society for local development. Another issue is administration. Although administration has comparatively good discipline in respect of political bodies but these administrators are usually belongs from other areas of the country and they do not have keen interest for development. If they try for betterment, they have pressure from local political bodies. At the end the Pandora box of genies is the fate of local communities. 

The only options remain social bodies. These NGOs are doing a lot but the issue is that they are not local organizations. They belong from metropolitan cities of the country and they are doing work just by their branch offices. So, what they feel for these people cannot be equal to the feelings of a local person. The funding organizations should realize the need of local leadership as these local organizations like NLDO can do much better than any national organization as they want to extend and always have local pressure as they are from local community and they are reportable for local community as well as funding institutes.

Imported social leadership, administration and feudal set mind makes the situation just a fix. So, the actual and realistic need is local leadership from local and middle class community for some solid bases development and NLDO is convinced to play its role and make some institute to develop, capacitate and promote local NGOs/NPOs from all local areas for development/promotion of local area based social leadership. 

Rana Sada
Executive Director

Program’s /Model’s Core Objectives
a. To access, interact at the door steps and mobilize the poor Union’s groups (landless or with little land), yet experienced in keeping Livestock/agric products and sub products and to mobilize such poor Unions by mobilizing FUs / COs (community organizations).
b. To help in the development of Farmer Union (FU) and management for the long term objectives.
c. To help poor Farmers to develop better access to financial / stock services.
d. To help Farmer to educate them for handling manageable health issues through trainings.
e. To help Farmer unions, gearing a system of Savings / equity development at Farmer Unions (FU) to run the development program on sustained basis.
f. To help FU to get access to Banks/leasing companies and all other technical, government related, private companies and departments.
g. To help finding enhanced produce production / quality and development of produce marketing channels for better profitability and reducing role of middlemen.
h. To market their agri products and develop channels without middlemen
i. To make their products value addition for better price
j. Social empowerment / training of females / Farmer education & Community Role models development.

Strategic working to reach the objectives is based on these following steps
• Human Resource development
• Research & Surveys & in depth needs and Capacity analysis of the potential trades
• Trainings
• Partnership with donors/partners
• Partnerships with Financial sector such as Leasing Companies, Banks etc.
• Partnerships with local governments
• Partnerships with COs, NPOs, CSOs, NGOs, Research institutes and Universities 
• Utilization of such partnerships for the maximization of stakeholders involvement in socio-economic activities and help in developing marketing channels in future

Core Values of management and decision making 
a. Inspiration directly from the issues of the communities
b. Open and transparent systems
c. Roll of policy/system and not by persons
d. Solid solutions for community for real change in their lives
e. Pace matching and welcome for every good and productive solutions
f. System operations on corporate values
g. Good relations/partnerships for other social bodies need support by HDO
h. Be part of every good work and partnership for all good working parties
i. Zero tolerance for gender discrimination, human rights, freedom of expression and exploitation at any level within organization, partners, beneficiaries or in community

Rana Sada
Chairman/Executive Director
Rana Sada is a spirited you man with a devotion and pain for deprived and deserving communities of the society. At his end, there are many activities e.g. antinarcotic, gender rights, skills development, games and youth promotion and health facilities to deserving community.
He is expert in gender and human rights issues and he had set many examples for the subject. He was second president of his foundation after his father to lead NLDO in 2002 and he gives new directions to his organization.
He is man of practical and set examples for new comers especially for gender and human rights. He is always active for the rights of Labor and he is a famous character for his activities of labor reforms.
He always tried to consume maximum time in the field of social work. He earn his bread and butter from business and a rich man by the properties by his father as his father was a famous name and he was a Chairman Zakat and Ushr Committee. He was also a social worker by his nature and set many examples for new comers especially for his son to do and fallow his path.

Charter of Natural Life Development Organization for Society (From 1974 to 20122) and future plans for the subjects and extension
1. War Against poverty
2. Skills development and informal education
3. Gender Development and gender support
4. Medical and health facilities
5. Support and education for special children
6. Campaigns for Antinarcotics
7. War against corruption and injustice
8. Child labor and complete activities against child labor
9. Land Reforms and betterment in agriculture
10. Water issue and awareness of the subject
11. Promotion of Games and youth activities
12. Work at national level for all social issues (Second Phase)
13. Work with local organizations in network and consortium
14. Public private partnerships and application of corporate/franchise values

Pakistan is one of the most populous countries of the world which is highly rich with a number of problems and low-level human development index. During last 50 years, Pakistan’s population has increased from 33 million to 159 million in 2005-06. Thus, making Pakistan, the 7th most populous country in the world. Although the current population growth is at decreasing trend and the birth rate is slowed to 1.9 percent per annum but still an overall population has increased by 2.76 million people as compared to last year. The mentioned rate is still considerably higher as compared to the average of 0.9 percent for the developed countries and 1.7 percent for the developing countries. According to one estimate, Pakistan's population will almost double in the next 32 years at the current growth rate of 1.9 percent. Although per capita income figure gives a good rise as has been recorded by the Government of Pakistan (Ref. Economic Survey of Pakistan) but the actuality of the figure is still being questioned due to no Impact of economic growth to Common people of the country. Reason stands still, as even after such a figure (per capita income), people are unable to meet their day to day needs / necessities whether the utilities, health, fuel, meal, clean water and employments etc.
Among others, the most horrifying problem is the Poverty. A huge population is bound below the Poverty line and this poverty has been impoverishing their social and economic capital along with psychological disturbed patterns. Since 1947, Pakistan is consistent over its innate problems of poor drinking water, in-equal distribution of wealth, health & education, infrastructure and varied others but the bearer remained the same Poor.
The disadvantages of poor households include lack of access to financial services, unfair terms of participation in the local economy, and vulnerability to economic and physical down-turns. Poor households forego potentially viable technologies, production choices, and income opportunities due to risk aversion. Mechanisms to cope with and mitigate such risks are not accessible to the poor. Security for small savings therefore, provides much needed assurance to the poor. Currently, there is no such facility of deposit’s protection available to public at large. 

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Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan
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Natural Life Development Organization Safdar Shahbaz Market, Lahore Road,, Khurrianwala, Punjab, Pakistan-37630
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