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Report from the Yorkshire evening Post about my complaint to the Metropolitan police against those, name d individuals, involved in the abuse of me in Dubai. It is about time that those involved in these heinous disgusting and dishonest attacks were bough to justice. Thank you to the Arab Organisation on Human Rights and my legal team for all their support.

I hope my complaint will make the UAE authorities and the private persons and law firm involved in my mistreatment to stop from ever doing this again

I yo have been tortured and would like help to file a complaint contact +Stirling Haigh

The Pomodoro Technique.

I found this great little tip on how to make your working day more productive, recently a friend had mentioned they split their client work into 25 minute chunks as they find it easier to focus.

Instant productivity: The Pomodoro Technique

Do you struggle with procrastination? Have trouble maintaining focus? Check your emails every five minutes? The Pomodoro Technique might just be right for you!

This simple productivity method works by dicing up your workday into 25-minute chunks of totally focused work called pomodoros, separated by five-minute breaks.

If you’re curious about the name, “pomodoro” is Italian for “tomato” and the Italian founder of the technique used the popular tomato-shaped kitchen timer to time his work!

The idea is that, while you may struggle to focus for long periods, a measly 25 minutes is almost always doable, and the mandatory five-minute breaks ensure you’re refreshed enough to tackle the next pomodoro. The end result is that you get much more done during your workday.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a task, set a timer for 25 minutes and give it a go!

How do you deal with interruptions at work? That’s another question answered by The Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo.

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My exclusive with the Telegraph On my lie a year after my Dubai Hell. Really enjoyed the interview and what a year it has been. Still fighting for justice and against injustice.

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Guernica37, Arab Organisation for Human Rights and Guernica International, files preliminary inquiry to investigate Mr. David Haigh’s torture in United Arab Emirates. Toby Cadman - Barrister at Law.. David Haigh Stirling Haigh

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I have filed a complaint against those that where involved in the abuses of my Human Rights with the Metropolitan police. Read an interview i gave with +Middle East Eye here

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