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Choosing the Right Therapies for Your Child
All sorts of therapies are available these days, some more effective than others. Some are funded in insurance packages, many are not. Some require intensive time commitment, some do not. Many are expensive. Some can even cause long lasting trauma. How do y...

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Chlorine Dioxide / Miracle Mineral Solution
Across the world, there are parents who don't understand that autism is a neurotype. These parents are led to believe that their child is diseased, and that it's important to eradicate the autism, at any cost. Eradicating a neurotype is an impossibility, bu...

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Why am I an autistic ally?
I have a few autistic extended family members., One of my cousins in particular had such a negative view of himself that when my daughter (now 18) came along and was so obviously autistic, I was determined that she was never going to feel the way he did. I ...

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...and that's nothing/something to get upset about
- Autism exists and that's nothing to get upset about. - Autism is genetic and that's nothing to get upset about. - Vaccinations don't cause autism and that's nothing to get upset about. - Autism isn't a disease and that's nothing to get upset about. - Auti...

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Let's Get Real About Empathy
The world is designed to encourage the comfort of majority mainstream neurology. Our social rules are based on the needs of the majority, our priorities are based on comfort of the majority, our understanding of others is based on our expectations of the ma...

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London McCabe, Rest in Peace
In response to yet another child-murder death in the autism community. My heart is heavy today. ---------- "Oh but you have to walk a mile in their shoes," they tell us, when
sympathising with mothers who murder their autistic babies. In reply to
that I m...

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Inclusion Support and how best to use a teacher's aide in a mainstream classroom
Scenario : non-verbal autistic student included in a mainstream early childhood classroom. In order to meet the needs of this student throughout the day, the school provides a full time one-on-one learning support assistant (LSA). Student attends school and...

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Inclusion - Indistinguishable from peers?
I have seen the following graphic around at times, and it's a perfect representation of what these various words mean.   In layman's terms:  - Exclusion is when access is not granted. - Separation is when access is granted to something else. - Integration i...

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Your child is not stagnant...
worry.  The child you have at this moment, age 2, or 5, or 9, or whatever, is not
stagnant. Your child will not be at the exact same stage of development
into the future. They will grow up, and along the way, development will
occur. Don't look at ...
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