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World's Largest Online Sex Toy Store for All Adults
World's Largest Online Sex Toy Store for All Adults

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Sex Toys for Women Endless Options
With half of all adult women admitting using a sex toy of some kind – isn’t it time you opened up a whole new world of intense sexu... (More)

Adult Blog - Anal Sex Toys-Just the Facts Part 2
OK let’s get to the bottom of using anal sex toys during your love making sessions shall we. (read more...)

Adult Articles - Male Sex Toys - Sex Dolls – All You Need To Know..
There’s a myth around owning a sex doll – that only the truly sad – weird and lonely use them and I guess that’s probably the reason so many cheap ones are given as ‘joke presents’ at s... (More)

Adult Articles - Male Sex Toys - The Facts
From the perfect pulsating pussy (above) to the cock ring – male sex toys have come a long way over the last few years and are now pretty much used by most sexually active men. Masturbators sex toys Sex toys for men have now reached the ‘gadget ... (More)

Sex Toy Review – Neon Luv Touch G-Spot Vibrator
Ok I will admit the first thing that attracted me to the Neon Luv Touch G-Spot Vibrator was its cuteness, and hot bright color. What I really got was this compact multispeed vibe with a curved tip which feels incredible. The design is pretty simple, sensations are pretty intense, it's adjustable, an... (Read More)

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Adult Blogs - The Pleasure of Using a Cock Ring
So you think cock rings are just for homosexuals and old guys who can’t get it up do you..? Well think again – the use of a cock ring goes back thousands of years and has been used by straight – gay and bi studs to not only giver a longer stronger - harder erection – but to also enhance the male orgasm(read more...)

All You Ever Really Wanted to Know About How to Buy Sex Toys
The twenty first century is no longer the future – it's arrived! And there has been no better time to indulge in the wonderful world of sex toys, as attitudes become more liberal and people become more adventurous. There was a time when you need... (More)

Sex Toy Review – Basix Dildo Dong
Searching around for realistic dildo and came across this beauty called Basix Dildo Dong. 10' inches... Click for full review

Sex Toy Review – Screaming Propello Eaches Cock Ring

Screaming Propello Eaches Cock Ring is a little odd looking at first glance, but trust me this littl... Click for full review
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