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Couldn't agree more with the author's view here that people all too often say they are delivering something new for customers when it's really just the same song and dance with a different partner. 

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A great article on getting your home ready for the market. 

Did Crossfit Open workout 13.2 this morning! Not my best showing but still feeling pretty positive about my overall performance so far!

Day two of P90X was awesome - Plyometrics kicked my butt, but it was totally awesome at the same time - loving it so far!

P90X day one is in the books - my arms are still a little shaky but I love starting off the morning with an intense workout!

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I posted a new story to the First Loves saga on Cowbird - who was your first love?

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I'm reading two books at once right now - The China Study and Catching Fire (Hunger Games). I feel like there is some sort of comment on our current social environment here, but I'm just going to chalk it up to good taste in books :)

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Interested in why I (and others) went vegan? Check out my testimonial along with others at Ready for Plan B
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