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Diptakirti Chaudhuri
Salesman by day, writer by night.
Salesman by day, writer by night.
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2016: A Roundup
Started 2016
with a resolution to revive my near-dormant. The plan was to watch 100 movies
( #100MoviePact ) and write at least 100 words about each movie watched. Happy to
report that I hit the target (110 movies!) but didn’t write after the first

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34. Gone Baby Gone
A little girl is kidnapped. The police swing into action, led by an officer who lost his own daughter a few years back. The girl's family hires a detective team of two to boost the search efforts. The police grudgingly accept the interloping investigators a...

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32. Main Aur Charles
Charles Sobhraj was this charming Frenchman whose victims were charmed by him before they got conned or killed. After a killing spree in Southeast Asia (remember Bikini killer?), he came to and was arrested in India. He made himself a cosy nook in Tihar jai...

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33. O Kadhal Kanmani
We have seen this format so many times... a modern couple don't believe in marriage and just want to live together and be 'friends with benefits' before they go on their separate paths to successful careers. They promise to have no attachments to each other...

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35. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
In one scene of the movie - taking place in an Indian Maharaja's place - a sumptuous banquet is laid out. The first course is a coiled python, with a surprise. As you cut open the snake, smaller snakes (snakelets?) slither out and Indian royals greedily put...

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36. Dishoom
There are some actor combos that become just dynamite when they come together. One of the best examples of this is what Beth Watkins calls Shashitabh . Of course, these two people were huge stars and great actors but their on-screen chemistry was just magic...

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31. Pancham Unmixed
This documentary has been around for some time and any RD fan worth his salt has seen at least bits and pieces, if not the whole thing. The magic of RD - his near-parental love for his musicians, his friendships, his inspirations, his highs, his lows, his f...

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30. Brahman Naman
A team of
four quizzers have booze only to puke, approach girls only to get rejected, try
for sex only to end up masturbating. This is as accurate and non-judgemental a
description of Brahman Naman as I could
manage. One of them
is the clear leader of the p...

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29. Raman Raghav 2.0
From the moment Nawazuddin Siddiqui appears on the screen
with a deep scar coming from the top of his forehead all the way down to his
nose, he owns Raman Raghav 2.0 . The man’s presence as the serial killer – no,
that’s not a spoiler – is as magnetic as it...

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28. Udta Punjab
Within the
first few minutes of Udta Punjab , it becomes quite clear as to why a section of
the political class wanted the film banned. And why their opponents wanted it
released. In the course of one headily written and performed song when the
titles appea...
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