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Dominic Mauricio
Amateur swordsman, occasional gamer (mostly tabletop RPGs), jack of some trades...
Amateur swordsman, occasional gamer (mostly tabletop RPGs), jack of some trades...

Haven't shared much of late, but the Melbourne Swordplay Guild is going to host an Arne Koets workshop in November. More details on our website and FB page

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not that posting to social media actually directly affects government policy ;)

I keep forgetting about the G+ community... man I'm slack.  I really should put up our training notes somewhere aside from FB

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MSG is back next year.  For a preview of what's to come, go visit

IF you're wondering what it is we actually do, I believe our tagline says it all.  We're HEMA practitioners and historical sword geeks.  First event of 2013 is a Guy Windsor workshop which is selling out fast.

Anyone on here interested in a potential 6mo contract?

Details below.
Network Test Engineer

In summary the role is:

Produce high level architecture, detailed designs, implementation support documents for life cycle network augmentation.
Perform/manage testing for the above.
Produce detailed designs, implementation support documents for new network deployments.
Provide support to Operations groups during certain network changes and to resolve network faults.
Provide input to planning groups for network growth/augmentation functions.
Collaborate with groups such as RDN and Bigpond to design/test solutions.
Work on development model in Telstra lab to build and test model.
Work with vendors to resolve issues

Skills (in order of importance)
Juniper skills on JUNOS and JUNOSe based routers.
BNG (DHCP subscriber management) knowledge BRAS (PPP subscriber management) knowledge Alcatel XDM/IPRDM application experience. These are key systems within the DSL Core Technology.
Generic routing knowledge which covers protocols such as BGP, OSPF, LDP, DHCP, IGMP.
Bigpond or other ISP based hands-on knowledge.
Unix knowledge.

What with G+ and Circles, why is no one playing six degrees of separation (or the Bacon variant?) with it?

Right, now to play around a little. Linking accounts seems cool, and useful. A whole lot of the privacy stuff seems solid. Need more investigation
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