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Brian Jørgensen
Amateur Photographer, Blogger, Web/CMS Design, SEO...
Amateur Photographer, Blogger, Web/CMS Design, SEO...

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UFO mothership scout fleet
UFO fleet photographed over friend's allotment garden in my hometown Odense , Denmark, on May 23rd 2012 ~ I was on a trip together with my friend out in her allotment garden in the Southern Odense, in order to assist in her vegetable garden. Exact 1:18 pm, ...

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Flying Saucer orbiting transformer probe
Flying Saucer filmed over Denmark, Odense Juny 19, 2012 at 1.57 pm. Me and my friend sat and relaxed in her allotment garden ( again ), when I suddenly see a dark disc-shaped object quite close, actually a classic flying saucer like a dish upside down, that...

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This is a Rod, some kind of animal...

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Transparent flickering bird-like UFO
I was lucky to experience a close-up UFO sighting, a transparent bird-like UFO, which took off from a grass field right in front of me. I came back to the site the day after to investigate, took 175 pictures of the field and was lucky to catch a strange fli...

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Some good old DUBSTEP:
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