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Thanks for the invitation +Matt Lambert !

Thanks for the invitation!

Hi there.

My business partner, Sean and I have just joined.

Thanks for having this community so that people like us can learn.

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Hopefully I won't know anyone that I will have to know this for but thank you +Andrew Austin for any lives sharing this may save!
People keep sending me medical advise about how to detect a stroke,  please read: Stroke has a new indicator! They say if you forward this to ten people, you stand a chance of saving one life. Will you send this along? Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue...
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Join this circle!
As promised and due to popular demand the once a week #snowballcircle  share is underway. We have new people added as I promised to do and are up to 498!

I personally have gained atleast1,000 great people since starting this circle 9 weeks ago or so!

To be in the circle there are 3 things everyone does. 
1. Plus the post
2. Share the post

As long as everyone does this it will continue to be one of the fastest growing circles on all of google plus!

Oh and by the way, I don't pigeon hole people into a category like ONLY PHOTOS. This circle is made up of the fabric of gplus. 

#circleshare   #publiccirclesproject   #sharedpubliccircles   #circlesharing  
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Happy π (Pi) day!
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Thanks to +AJ Kohn for sharing this. Thanks +Nastia Thorpe for sharing it. (My business partner Sean and I enjoy everything posted by +AJ Kohn!)
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Share the peace. Share the Google Peace Circle.

I'm a member of the Google Peace Circle

To join, and help use Google Plus as a tool for peace, go to and add a comment, then share it or give it a +1, and add this statement on your profile's About tab.

Thanks to +Axel Kratel!
Plus For Peace, the public Google Peace Circle Project

Plus For Peace is a peace circle entirely contained within Google Plus. This post represents the peace circle, and the domains plusforpeace,org simply points back to this circle so that if you ever want to find the circle again, you can simply go to

How to Join:

You can do one of three things:

1) Special Mention:
If you want special mention below, please contact me via a personal post and tell me what special mention you would like, and I will add it below in the special mention section.

2) Get Listed:
If you want to simply list yourself, just add a comment to this post and share a little something about yourself so that others can find you.

3) Quietly:
If you just would like to show your solidarity for peace but not draw too much attention to yourself, just plus one this post and that's all you need to do.

I will do my best to go through any comments/listings to make sure this can be a trusted list. Any spammer comment will be deleted. If you see a spammer that I missed, just let me know.

I am working on creating a mirror of the circle in various G+ user indexes. I will add URLs below here when I am done with the exports.

Anyone who re-shares this post and adds the attached graphic below to their profile, or mentions the peace circle on their profile will get automatic special mention as a thanks to help grow the circle. If I missed you, please send me a private post and let me know

You can put something like this on your profile: I am a member of the Google Peace Circle*. To show your solidarity for peace on Google Plus, join the peace circle by going to and add your name with a plus one.

<fill in your own list of whom you recommend others should add>

You can always come back to this post by going to

Special Mention:

+Muhammad Yunus is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, see for more details. He kindly re-shared the circle to his followers.

+Chade-Meng Tan Google's very own Jolly Good Fellow, the Meng wall of fame is famous at the Googleplex. Check out TED to learn more about him, he's got as talk there. And read

+Natalie Villalobos Community manager on Google Plus, several of us got to see the meditation room in Natalie's office. She is Google Plus' own celebrity now. She mentioned the Plus For Peace circle to her followers.

People kind enough to re-share the Plus for Peace Circle:

+KellyAnne Tearney
+Abraham Williams
+Jadey A-S Wilson
+Lona Carr Breitkopf
+Ardith Goodwin
+Chris Hoffmann
+Beverly Rivera
+Gwenny Todd
+Meki Cox
+Liane Allen
+Catherine Morgan
+Linda Lawrey
+Peter Pawlak
+João Portugal Vieira
+Nils Hitze
+Marilou Aballe
+Don de Belle
+Deise Lemos Almeida
+Munka M
+Salvador Sanchez
+Amyr Haq
+Betty Habash
+Gill Taber
+Lil Peck
+Michael Copeland
+Rob Michael
+Uri Sharf
+Martin Siamik
+Joe Bolin
+Jabulani Son
+Arin Basu
+Corrianne Lasevicius
+Oliver konradovich
+Quentin Finney
+Jim Tipping
+Gary Evans
+Muhammad Yunus
+Tracy Hutchinson Wallace
+Myrma Weinreich
+Ben St-Pierre
+Gunther Keim
+Misha Fazal
+Tyler Lovelace
+Zacqary Adam Green
+Ash Priom
+Kaurana Nathalie Merle
+Pedro M. Rosario Barbosa
+Steph White
+Paula Jones
+Manuel Alejandro Lara Huerta
+Simon Condie
+Margie D Casados
+Loni Edwards
+Laura Montier
+Sue Muscate
+Laura Lawrie
+laheto Ah Hi
+Soesilo Wijono
+Rosa Longobardo
+Johnathan Chung
+Sandy Ao
+Julia Stone
+Adeniyi Onamusi
+Hani Anani
+emma rivera
+Moses Wilson
+Jason M
+Daniel Harder
+Ferzat Al Chayah
+Robert Pollard
+Liana Mascarenhas
+Rod Moore
+Eric Stepp
+john sawyer
+robin vabolis
+Peter Brunner
+Paul Aneja
+Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson
+Navaf J
+Vivian Clark
+Alejandro Malo
+David Ford
+Seth Goldstein
+Nancy McCoy
+Marianne Maurer
+Leo Fishman
+Soham Chatterjee
+Monty Montz
+Thomas Ciszek
+Alicia Keim Bautista
+Kacie Houser
+LD Williams
+Rob Salzman
+Jeremy Dahl
+Paul van Oss
+Balakumaran Balasubramaniam
+Louis Pierre Christophe MORIN
+Craig Nicol
+cassandra tribe
+Victor Panlilio
+Cece Blake
+Paul Clarke
+Lena Levin

Early Adopters - first 10 comments in order of submission:

+JD Schroeder +Ryan Schultz
+S Sriram
+Steven Vargas
+Joe Bolin
+robin vabolis
+cassandra tribe
+Amy Rothstein
+Gary Haden
+Steven Vargas
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Who are your favorite Google+ users?
Help them to be seen!

I'm involved in
Public Circles Project
(Created by +Jarek Klimek)

Learn about the Public Circles Project:
Public Circles Project
Who are your favorite Google+ users?
Help them to be seen!

And don't miss a sweet incentive for you (it's described before the end of the post).

What is the project about?

Many of us have a favorite group/circle of G+ users, and I've noticed that we like to share their names with others.

The reasons may vary: It could be a famous and inspirational person. It could be one of your friends who just registered here, and you want to help him/her to be seen. It could be... you name it.

Unfortunatelly there is no easy way that we can find the people who are admired by a particular person.

Imagine I have just arrived at your profile. Your posts look great and your Google+ About page is promising. So I circle you! The next step? I leave.

And here comes the Public Circles Project. It helps visitors to leave your profile in a way that works for people you admire and even for you!


Put the names of people you admire on your Google+ About page!

Imagine I've just circled you. This means I like you, and I'm open to hear your recommendations, especially if I'm in my explore mood and I'm looking for new names for my circles.

So, the project gives a nice additional exposure to the people you like.

However, there is more.

It also works for you!


The visitor is leaving your profile, so you have nothing to lose. If you recommend an interesting person to the visitor then he/she goes to the profile of somebody you like. This means - he/she is staying in YOUR circles! There is a nice probability he/she will see YOUR inspiring comments that you added to the post published by the person you recommended.

So, it's just a win-win-win scenario.

Compare the scenario I've just described to the situation when the visitor leaves your profile for a G+ stream or for a person that is absolutely unrelated to you.

Are You Ready to Join the Project?

1) Choose the inspiring/awesome/great users you really like.

2) Write their names on your Google+ About page (in the Introduction field).

3) Let other users know you joined the project. I'm sure you are an awesome person, and some of them will be happy to recommend YOU on their About page.

And that's all!

Some Hints

1) The number of people you recommend is absolutelly up to you! It could be one name, two names, twenty names. There are no restrictions.

2) Create Public Circles Project section on your Google+ About page. It may look like this:

Start of the DEMO section #1
I'm involved in
Public Circles Project

Google+ users I recommend:

Name #1
Name #2
Name #XY

Learn about the Public Circles Project:
The end of DEMO section #1

There could be just too many inspirational users you would like to add, and it would mean just too many hassles for you. If this is your case, then you may like this wording:

Start of the DEMO section #2
I'm involved in
Public Circles Project

I could name about 100+ people who inspire me. It's just too many, so I'm going to do something slightly different here.

I've decided to dedicate this section to my friends who are new here, their following is low, and I want to give them exposure. This means that I will change the names from time to time.

Here come the latest two:

Name #1
Name #2

Learn about the Public Circles Project:
The end of DEMO section #2

It's important to clearly mark the section as Public Circles Project, so the visitors know what's going on there. Furthermore, add some reasons. Why is the user #XY awesome, inspirational, etc. ? Why should other users circle him/her?

The link to this post is voluntary. However, it helps to educate the visitors about the project, and it would be great if you add that link.

What do you think about The Public Circles Project?

I'm eager to hear your reactions.

A Sweet Incentive for Early Adopters of the Public Circles Project!

I've prepared a circle called Early Adopters of Public Circles Project and it's waiting for you!

I'm going to add the first 300 Google+ users who fulfill the conditions described below to that list/circle :

Then I will export the circle as curated group to and I will link it from the Public Circles Project section on MY Google+ About page.

The conditions:

1) Create the Public Circles Project section on YOUR Google+ About page. I don't care how many names you put in or who the users are. Just add Google+ users you like. Feel free to mention Jarek Klimek who is an experienced content curator and the editor-in-chief of photography magazine, but this is not a condition!

2) Use the text Learn about the Public Circles Project on your Google+ About page and link it to the original post. The best solution is described in the DEMO section above.

3) Share this post publicly, tell your followers you have joined the Public Circles Project and +mention my name in the text. Link to the post:

4) Comment on the original post that describes the project and add the link to your About page.
UPADTED: There is a 500 comment limit per post on G+, and this post is apparently full. You can continue here:

I will watch the comments, check the links and if you fullfilled all the conditions I will add you to the circle of early adopters.


PS: The +mentions don't work on Google+ About pages, so you have to use the real links.

PPS: You can use a curated group on to share the names of recommended users. It works like this: You create a special circle in G+ (or you can even use an existing one!), than you import it to the curated group you created on, then you grab the link of your group and publish it in The Public Circles Project section on your G+ About page. That's it! +Colby Brown wrote a great description covering the process: . Here is an example of a curated group:

PPPS: I realize there is In Joes's circles section in the left column and it can be used in a simillar way like The Public Circles Project. However, there is a huge difference. The ten names in The Public Circles Project are something totally different from hundreds or thousands of names in In Joes's circles section!

August 28 - UPDATE
+Gernot Glaeser translated this awfully long text into German:
So, German users can include the link to Gernot's post in their Public Circle section now.
Thanks Gernot!
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