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I never want to cry but this song makes me cry through the whole thing. This song describes my life perfect. Sara YOUR MUSIC CHANGED MY LIFE. Thankyou.
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They are great here.
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Sat outside for 10 minutes so I moved to a new spot and the guy said " I'll be with you in a minute" rudely. Then two seconds later literally " what can I get you". I left instead of ordering. Can't trust this place from what I read and have experienced.
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I love this place. Always in and out quickly.
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So upset. I ordered a 40 gallon breeder aquarium from the manager. They told me it will be in the next two weeks. We are in week 5 now and when I called to check today Shelby hung up on me. She hung up on me last week too. I called back and the manager I think Hillary was so rude barking snide remarks. Said they got their shipment but she doesn't want to go check right now. Said call back this evening. I called back and got a guy manger who said we don't have any 40 gallon breeders coming in ever. I said no my information is in the office. I have been waiting for weeks. He hung up on me too. Why did I even bother coming here. I'll be surprised if they ever call me. I spent a little over $600 here in the last year and planned to be a life time consumer. Now I'm done. You don't like me I'll go away. Update.. called me later to say no tank again. Call in a week. I'm not calling. You can call me. So upset right now. I would've been ok waiting but treating me like I'm an inconvenience is what made me mad. I can hear you huff through the phone and now I know your smiles are fake now.
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Went here for years until they dropped Medicaid. Told us we can't go there anymore. Had no idea where we needed to go now for glasses. Going to miss the doctor but today her staff was so rude and unhelpful. Never ever go to the dentist here.
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I love the green solution. They are the only dispensary I trust.
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Found a rock in my shake. Manager argued and said it was a peppermint piece. Peppermint is not brown and black. Didn't even offer to replace it out of principle. Not to mention I'm allergic to peppermint so I wouldn't want it anyways. Never going back.
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