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Paul Tyma
Entrepreneur, Technologist, Ph.D., and occasional Philosopher
Entrepreneur, Technologist, Ph.D., and occasional Philosopher

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Mailinator + Slack. Because you need more disposable email !
Mailinator is happy to announce Slack integration across the public email system. That's right, you can now fetch and subscribe to Mailinator inboxes right from your Slack channel and get notified (in real-time) when an email arrives.

First, you need a Mai...

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Mailinator's API : Closing the Loop for QA
Mailinator's API provides programmatic access to all email within the Mailinator system. If your QA department has a need for delivery testing, this is an unprecedented way to have immediate access to thousands of email inboxes. Mailinator API docs Since we...

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Bit of Java Virtual Science
If I write this: public List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>(); I can do this: list.get(1); about 460MM times per second. If instead, I do this: public ArrayList<String> list = new ArrayList<String>(); I can do this: list.get(1); about 540MM times per ...

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Playing Wasteland 2? Find the Mailinator gun !
Mailinator has always been about vanquishing spam - and now in Wasteland 2, you can vanquish some Wasteland Wolves using "The Mailinator" gun ! Mailinator is proud to be a backer of the newly released Wasteland 2 . If you're playing the game (and you shoul...

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I met Don Knuth this weekend and asked him if he's still using TeX.

ProTip: Don't ask Don Knuth if he's still using TeX.

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Why We'll Never Meet Aliens?

In a long essay, +Paul Tyma makes the case that we'll never meet aliens. And his conclusion is that we'll never meet aliens because once they've developed the technology to travel the great distances between stars, the trip will be meaningless.

I think there's a lot of validity to this argument. We anthropomorphize aliens based on our current state of technology. We imagine aliens flying around in their alien spaceships, sipping their alien coffees, perusing alien laptops. "We come in peace."

But you have to comprehend the compounding effect of exponential technological advancement. iPhones didn't exist 5 years ago, now we consider smartphones a commodity. Once an alien has the ability to travel from star to star, they'll probably just be getting their robots to do the work for them - in fact, they'll probably be indistinguishable from robots themselves.

Once you're far enough along that technology curve, it all just comes down to energy. What's the most efficient way to get more energy? Traveling to other stars probably isn't it.

Stars provide energy, and planets give you a place to stand on. But they come with tricky gravity fields, that aliens might decide just aren't worth the effort to vist. 

Anyway, read Paul's essay. It makes a compelling answer to the Fermi Paradox.
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