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Remember Life. Introducing Search on Path 2.9 . Available on iOS  and Android 
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Love the app. But it doesn't have much utility if you can't get your social circles to join as well. I basically use it as a unified posting app to Facebook, twitter, and tumblr, which is a shame because as an app it offers so much more.
Well, still 2.8.1 on App Store, in France… I guess I need to wait a bit before the update is pushed all over the stores.
Nice work, everything I wanted and more!
I've been reminiscing all afternoon, nicely done.
Wonderful new updates to the app today for Apple iOS - thank you & Happy Holidays!
I love it, but I can't get people to use it!! 
I have no problem with the friends limit, it just drives the network to use it differently, for things you would probably not share in other networks.

For sharing with hundreds I have FB. In +Path I think I'd had like 20 but no more. 
But if none of your family/friends use the app, it is worthless. But without widespread adoption by my friends it just sits there gathering virtual dust.
I partially agree. I have got 5 in so it's quite silence and so... But I've yet used it for a year as kind of personal diary and just for that it's great. 
+Marcos Chimeno in that respect, I agree. It is great as a personal diary (which I need to use more) as well as a universal poster to other apps and services. If only they would add Google+ and GetGlue API's I would be perfectly fine with it.
Will +Path be able to write to google+ any time soon?
ya..they just released Path 3 and I can only see that big news on FB not here...
Yeah, G+ the love and we will love you back! I learned about Path from friends I met on G+ and only use it with them. My Facebook friends are dinosaurs... +Google+ and +Path are the future!
Also, Path 3 is dope as hell!
What's with the 'shop'? It seems a very child like feature which in my opinion really isn't needed. 
+Eddy Hope opens the doors for many more features + extras to come in. I bet the emoticons and filters are just the beginning
"the shop" is how we can all keep "Path" alive...
+Bianca LaPrelle i think it is better if we send the feedback through their website or via their twitter account... they don't seem to announce anything new here...
I agree, We need Path to connect to Google+ All of my real friends use G+. Facebook friends are as Tim C says" Dinosaurs"
I really like Path, but lately have been torn between Path and Line BAND simply because the latter has a true web interface for posting thought, pics and events and such. I spend a lot of my day at the computer and would like to be able to post something in Path without having to pick up my phone and open the app. 
please, my path has been hacked, I can not reset the password of my path, what should I do?
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