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We're extremely happy to launch Path 2.5 for iOS and Android simultaneously. Let us know what you think. 
Your best friend, your brother, your godparents. These are the people you want to share life’s moments with. It’s why we’re so excited to announce today’s release – full of features that help you be.....
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Nice. I love using path so much. Thanks!
Edit: I don't see it on Google play yet. 
I just wish I could get access to my own data so I can do something fun with it.
Got it. Gotta say it looks so nice.
Was the ability to get notified when people viewed your profile taken out in this update? It's no longer in the settings.
Great update! I like the refined UI, and the movie and book sharing features are a great addition.
Cool update. Just wish I could convince people to use it.
Digging the new update! - Hoping to get some more friends using the service! Any chance to get g+ post support? I want to move away from Facebook :P
The "What I'm Reading" function isn't working for me. Allows me to select book and write update, but when I try to send it through, nothing happens. Galaxy S2 running CM9 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Hm. Nice. Seems like the prefect opportunity to connect with GetGlue. Hint hint.
My Book and Film moments aren't uploading/posting.
Still can't get music to stream/play since 2.2 am at 4.0.4 now.

If anyone knows what I have possible missed out in configuring something, do msg me, Thanks!
I still wait for Google+ sharing on my Path iPhone App. Is it coming, or am I missing something? :]
And... any chances for my beloved Path for iPad? :]
Thanks for yuour great job Path Team!
Books and Films still not working
Really enjoying the new updates on Path - thank you Path Developer Team!
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