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Hello World.
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It's more private than Instagram. It also has video. It's like Instagram + GLMPS with privacy
Hello Mr. Path, check out your app on my Xperia Mini Pro. Doesn't have landscape? On a 3in screen the text become fugly, try it.
For some reason, a lot of Android apps don't support landscape. Bizarre.
How do I find who in my Android's address book is already using Path? Doesn't seem to be an option?
The android version can't support chinese!
What is the best way to communicate with the team, or to get a feel for the roadmap/timeframes that Path is looking at. I am enthusiastic about Path, but there are a couple of (relatively small) blockers that are preventing me from using Path more, and I;d love to know if/when they my realistically be addressed?
I've love a 'share to G+' function to be added. Not all of us use Facebook ;-)
+Jon Simpson - We too would love to be able to share to G+, but sadly they don't have any API or support for that. :(
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