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Can anyone (+Dave Morin?) let us know what Path has got planned in terms of upgrades to the service/app? Really keen to know if your map feature will be making a comeback. And just keen to know how the service will develop!
I think it would be great to have export options or an interface with iphoto some how.
Also - I think we need to be able to delete comments without deleting the whole photo.
I would like to see an easier way to interface / find friends!
Wat Ono
I loved the "share only with people tagged" option on the old version of the app, really allowed me to keep my photos private. I don't seem to find it in the new app, or have I not looked into it far enough?
Mr. Path could you make a QR code to path?
share to google+ seems to be this thing that is missing from all apps. I am wondering whether Google even has an API ready for it, or else I'd see a lot more apps with the option.

I wish it could.
(Tumblr too, as an option)
Is there a way to view it on browser.. I am really enjoying my path on iphone that i installed 2 days back.. but i would really like to have a way to open in browser and add few photos from my desktop.. also to share with people not using an iphone/android app. just has links for mobile vesions :( .. pls help..
think we are all voting for g+ integration ... :P.. pretty please?
Any chance of having Twitter integration as a way of finding friends? Or is there a way you can have a limited public profile?
Path already has Twitter and FaceBook cross posting. Path users are LIMITED to 150 friends and no more.The creators of PATH Made it like that.
Yes I'm aware that Path has been designed to be a closed/private network. What I'm talking about is finding friends. At the moment you can only find friends from your Contacts, Email/SMS or Facebook and finding friends through Twitter would be nice.
I found out about Path thru my friends cross posts from Path to Twitter. Look hard at your Twitter friends to see if they CROSS POST.
Just downloaded the app and was a little disappointed to find that it lacks the Google+ cross posting I've been looking for. It's a gorgeous app otherwise, very smooth use. Really though, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter (though different) are the big kids on the social block and all need to be included in any modern app for cross posting. Please add Google+ asap! Thanks!
Unfortunately I have to point out a significant problem with the "I am here" part of Path. It's the "home" or other ad-hoc places. Searching for such a thing shows tons of places that other people have marked. Not what I'd like. It would be very nice to have a "just use the GPS coords you get + my description" option for setting my current location. It would be even more cool if you could set both the default dilution of precision of a location post based on which network you choose to share with, as well as a means to post "Home + GPS coords", but be able to have a slider or something that simply shifts the current gps coords by a random amount (slider choosing how bad the fix will be).

+Tobias Weingartner To MY limited knowledge, PATH takes it's GPS info from FOURSQUARE. If U do NOT have a FOURSQUARE ACCOUNT U may consider getting one. Those of us there that do have Foursquare accounts don't have these location GPS issues. Plus U also may need to give your HOME some sort of "NICKNAME" for Foursquare. I call mine WISE BEAR DEN and and Path picks up that Foursquare info every time. NO problems
wish u could see path a computer … my mom doesnt have an iphone or andriod 
Editing and removing of posts. Also, being able to add posts retroactive, such as when I went to sleep, if I forgot. 
Hey!Do you need another Android developer?Maybe I can do it for you and for free.Let me jion.
Even the iphone version crashes frequently, doesn't sinc with twitter / fb (as it should) at times.. it's a rough app, but is oh so pretty.
Thanks for the update for the iphone version. Unfortunately it's crashing even more now. I can't post an update without the app crashing completely, and sadly, not even posting the update.
+Branden Phillips Someone suggested to me this morning, that you should try to delete it and then re-install again. Mine has crashed on me too. but every time it crashes I bring it right back up again.
Ditto, I've been reopening it again and just trying to do what I want (post that I'm awake or upload a link for music etc). I'll try uninstalling it and reinstalling again. Perhaps that will fix the problems. The newest update just seemed to make things worse, sadly. I really enjoy the apps twitter / fb feed and that I can link directly to music. It's just so pretty too.. bleh, I hope the reinstall fixes the problems!
Reinstalled the app, loaded my info hit connect and bamn.. crashed. Perhaps it's the iOS I'm using. :(
+Branden Phillips maybe but doubtfull. I've read other users on Path had crashes too. It's a shame they have NO PC or Mac internet website version of the mobile app.
Facebook is adding a Path like timeline soon.. and I've stopped using the app, sadly. Just crashes way too much. Perhaps after a few updates it won't, then I'll check back. Nothing I've done so far seems to make a lick of difference.
+Branden Phillips there was one Path app update the other day. I have no idea what the update was about, I usually don't take time to read what material updates covers or changes. I just don't make the time 4 that . Too lazy in addition. I just update and let it go !
+Branden Phillips Good luck, did U take time to read any update info ? What was covered in the update info if U took the time to read it ? Thank you and Hood Luck !
Good Luck NOT Hood , typo that auto correct did not catch . 
Nah, didn't take the time. "Working" at the moment.. but yeah, the update still didn't fix the crash. I tried posting just a text update with a location and it crashed out immediately before I got to post.
All I can say is "Stay Tuned" . It's not a bad neighborhood and interesting how they have it set up. I just wish there was a desktop version for PC and MAC . That would certainly help users thru the mobile crashes . 
+Charles W. Merritt I think it will be soon until the Path on android can be a daily use one.They should solve the problem but not looking for other method to hide the problem.In the future the desktop app maybe a .air(light both pc and mac).
several video can be found on youtube
how can I take a look at other's email address
This video has been removed by the user. Huh.
I , personally am already on the app anyway which is pretty nice in a IOS version. I do NOT know if it has an Android version.
I have no problems with the Android version. Works fine on Epic GS2. The onky thing is, no one I know uses Path.
A Promotion is needed?
kinda sad the new update made it WAY slower to open :(
hi … um my path worked fine, been using it for months… and this morning its all messed up… the status dont show up… the "i'm wake" doesnt show and says spmething about a nike feed… o.O did my path broke? what happen? 
Mine will not connect , a pop up window says "connection issues , try back later " . I noticed something was wrong when the music tracks of Path would NOT look up my iPod music on my IPhone . 
Anything is possible, could be the site has been hacked too, we never know . 
Unable to connect to Path. Try again later. AGAIN.
wondering why path does not post on fb ... when it used to do it :( ... my posts dont go to fb just twitter
my path loads other person on it... i send friend requests which they accept... but on path it says still pending... :/
Do U keep it up dated. Path recently put out an update for both Apple and ANdroid phones.The update may solve your problems. Further do U keep your phone operating system updated ??? All software must be kept up to date if U expect it to function properly. 
i have an S3 which runs Android 4.0.4 ICS which is updated... 
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