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We’re beyond excited to share with you the product of many hours of hard work from the wonderful Android team here at Path. With Path 2.1.5 on a supported (2.3.3 and above) Android phone, you can now take photos using Path’s lovely assortment of Lenses — Pro, Ansel, Instant, Diana, Lomo, Country and Lake! You can download it here:
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Great app. Love the filters. My daughter, fiance and I use this to share our photos between us. Great job.
Thanks for finally getting lenses for Android!! Keep up the good work!
Will there be an iPad version soonish?
It is a lovely app, but on Android I can add content in landscape mode, but the home screen forces portrait mode - as I use my Asus Transformer docked to the keyboard quite a bit, this makes the app quite hard to use - I'd really appreciate it if an RFC could be put in to support landscape mode on all screen?
Please add support for displaying iPhone emoji on the Android app. My iPhone friends keeps using them in their posts, but all I see on the Android app is empty squares.
now how about adding the option to post to Google+ from within +Path  as well?
yes!! please add G+!!
but i wonder if any PATH ppl will see this...
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