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Robert Hernandez
Information Management and Sustainable IT Solutions Specialist
Information Management and Sustainable IT Solutions Specialist

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The U.S. Treasury has less cash on hand than Apple Inc.

Thinks it's criminal that we convert food to fuel when so many are dying of hunger. People should not die of hunger. It's brutal.

#Drupal devotees, looking for a #module similar to node reference that allows the visual linking of related nodes (or taxonomy) Holla if you hear me.

Would love to hear how you're using/organizing your G+ Sparks.

Social Media Disaggregation: I'll be using Twitter ( for breaking news, politics, & some geeky stuff; FB ( for keeping up with those who haven't moved to G+; LinkedIn ( for professional connections; & GooglePlus ( as my main (because Google actually cares about my privacy).

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Justice (?)

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Why not, we hold back our students?

#Groupon operating at "huge loss for the year, with 7,000 employees on their payroll while operating at a net loss of $103 million for Q1 2011 

Watching "Flags of our fathers". Every time I see a recreation of an old school beach landing invasion I pause to (a) think what those would think of "pre-emptive wars" a la Iraq, and (b) to thank those who sacrificed so much in such intimate and brutal close quarters combat. Anyone who experienced pill boxes, trenches, or flame throwers would likely not rush to war. It's easy to send people to war based on a hunch when you've never seen a brother have his limbs torn from him.

Beauty and the Beasts: The Sight of a Pretty Woman Can Make Men Crave War: Scientific American
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