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Liguori Primes
A Liguori Prime is a number that is a prime and a cyclops (a.k.a glitch palindrome) as well as being a Potential Lychrel Candidate. Let's bullet out the credentials again for a Liguori Prime: must be a prime number e.g., 13 must be cyclops (a.k.a glitch pal...

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PalindromePrimeUtils This GitHub project checks provides a Java utility class that checks for palindomes, primes and Lychrel candidates. Take a look at the study of  Lychrel numbers . Utilitie Examples // // 1. Are these numbers palindromes, primes or both?...

Wow! I found the home base of the enlightened!

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XPlane Flight Instruments and controls
Here are a few of XPlane 10's flight instruments and controls.... Altitude Indicators Attitude Indicators Clocks Compasses De-ice Directional-gyros Fuel GPS-FMS Pressurization Rheostats Supplement Trim Turn-slip VVI

Post has attachment still would have been nice...
My company Gliesian, LLC has dozens of resumes of data scientists, data engineers and data science managers readied to be hired.  I have maintained a very ethical and hard working career for over twenty years and have yet to be able to hire my first employe...

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How many Palindromic Primes under one million?
So, someone asks, " How many prime palindromic numbers are between 1 and 1-000-000? " The answer is 113... 1. palindromic prime: 2 2. palindromic prime: 3 3. palindromic prime: 5 4. palindromic prime: 7 5. palindromic prime: 11 6. palindromic prime: 101 7. ...

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New Rotorcraft User Group on Facebook
I just created a new Rotorcraft User Group on Facebook.  It is designed for general discussions on anything/everything rotorcraft related.  It is not in place to compete with existing helicopter forums, but to compliment them.  Here are a few other rotorcra...

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Can 196 evolve into a palindrone?
Example 1 Start PalindromeFinder for 23... Stage: 23 + 32 = 55 A palindrome was found! Example 2 Start PalindromeFinder for 254... Stage: 254 + 452 = 706 Stage: 607 + 706 = 1313 Stage: 3131 + 1313 = 4444 A palindrome was found! Example 3 Start PalindromeFin...

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Mathematical Constants
Need a mathematical constant?  Here they are in Java as BigDecimals provided by GitHub's MathConstant project . And here is a quicklook of the code: package com.gliesian.constants; import java.math.BigDecimal; public class MathConstant {     private MathCon...
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