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Robert James Liguori
Exploring JAirDensity
Exploring JAirDensity

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Air Density Calculator
I've added a few improvements to the dry air density calculator ... Well, I guess it's primarily two changes... a meter gauge and a legend (per se), showing some examples.  And then of course, we still have the humidity version of the utility... here's some...

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When a constant should be passed into a method
Have you ever had a wth moment? Dry Air Gas Constants So I've been working on air density equations that use the dry air constant . Since I'm working with Java I set this up simple like this... private static final double DRY_AIR_GAS_CONSTANT = 287.058; Qui...

'just released new version of my website;

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Lynette R. Cook Prints
Lynette R. Cook is an artist that paints wonderful paintings, many of which depict exoplanets.  I had an office in Northfield for a few months were I happily hung a few of her prints that I purchased.  They are now in my home.  Here they are four of the fiv...

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Ten interesting videos with under 500 views

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XML Sitemaps: for beginners
XML sitemaps are text files that provide information for the important website pages of your site that you would like to have visibility via search engines (e.g., Google , Bing , etc.). Demonstrated url tags/elements in  a Sitemap.xml file Here are the XML ...

Post has attachment 0.3.5 released 0.3.5 has been released this morning. provides free online utilities in the genealogy and rotorcraft spaces, as well as a few other random utilities.  Here are some screenshots of whats available (note: you'll need to register to...

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RC Rotorcraft Maneuvers
The following outline of the maneuvers is primarily derived from  Helicopter Maneuvers Manual: A step-by-step illustrated guide to performing all helicopter flight operations by Ryan Dale (2014).  This is a great book, it's for life-sized helicopters; pleas...

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Building scaled obstacles for RC helicopter parks
Flying a remote control helicopter anywhere is a lot of fun.  This past Thursday I flew my Blade 200 S at in indoor gymnasium with the Wireless Aircraft Sports Pilot club.  The group there had lots of home made obstacles to fly around, over and through.  Lo...
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