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In Conclusion: Visions of Luther and His Time
It’s 2017—time to bring on
some new projects and say goodbye to some old ones. That includes this blog. I started Ninth and Fillmore with a mission to become
a more well-informed layperson and connect with others with similar interests. Mission accomplished...

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Fool's Talk: Smart Talk on Christian Persuasion
If you enjoy thinking about the faith and how to defend it,
I highly recommend Fool’s Talk:
Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion , by Os Guinness (InterVarsity
Press, 2015). I picked up the book because of its focus on persuasion, a
subject that’s nea...

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The Third Annual Holiday Food Adventure: Kolacky
It’s time once again for
the annual holiday food post on Ninth
and Fillmore. This year, I’m going Czech. We’re making kolacky, my
friends, just like my grandma used to do every Christmas Eve (and every other
week of the year). Wondering how to pronounce

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The "No Tears" Baby Jesus
Cue up this tune in your head: “Away in a Manger.” Now, fast forward to the second verse: The cattle are lowing, the baby awakes /  But little Lord Jesus, no crying He makes. That line always gives me pause. What baby doesn’t cry? Then again, I think about ...

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Thou Shalt Be Biblically Illiterate: NOT One of the Ten Commandments
Jacob and Leah. Do you know their story? Or maybe it was Jacob and Rachel. Which was the beautiful
sister Jacob loved, and which one did he get stuck marrying initially? And
one more question: where can I find that story in the Bible? If you’d been sitting ...

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Book of the Month: The Executioner's Redemption
A couple months ago, I was browsing books at Concordia
Publishing House after a board meeting, and I picked up The Executioner’s Redemption , by Rev. Timothy R. Carter (CPH, 2016). One of my fellow board members, a pastor, was nearby. “Your
husband would re...

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In Moments of Fear, Where Is God?
“Fear not, for I am with
you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help
you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” If you’re searching for
Scriptural words of wisdom on the subject of fear, you’re sure to find that

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A Few Things You Might Not Know about the Antichrist
In 1976, when I was in elementary school, The Omen was released. That movie still
gives me the creeps. I was too young to see it in a theater, but I remember
seeing snippets of the film, and I recall seeing a book with pictures of the
devilish Damien. He wa...

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A Praiseworthy Metaphor for Liturgy: Incremental Deposits
just experienced a flash of prose envy. The definition of prose
envy: A feeling of covetousness over words you WISH you would have thought of
yourself (but are pretty sure would never happen). An
illustrative example: James Parker’s description of Dona...

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Rethinking "You Might Be A Lutheran If..."
The first time I saw it, I laughed out loud. It was a photo of Mexican food, with the familiar opening
line, “You know you might be a Lutheran if . . . Many of you have probably heard those old jokes, especially
if you’re an older Midwestern Lutheran of Ger...
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