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This story is incredible. At least, all computer scientists should read it; but really everyone should. It's long, but WELL worth it.
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It's like reading a Dan Brown and/or Michael Crichton novel... except it's true! Very interesting read.
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Steven Yackel

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Steven Yackel

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well that didn't take trying to get me to do an interview. and that after only having microsoft on my resume for one month.
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Yes it is in Seattle and it would require me moving. Thus, even if I was interested in leaving Microsoft, I wouldn't do it.

They used LinkedIn to contact me.
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Steven Yackel

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really nice chrome extension to move all of your photos from facebook to google+.
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The transition has begun
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Steven Yackel

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$5 Best Buy reward zone certificate? That seems as good of reason as any to buy a $100 Apple T.V.
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I bought some stuff on apple's video store (t.v. shows mostly, Survivor and the Amazing Race seasons). I hook my laptop up to my t.v. to watch them, which is annoying. I would mainly use it to have all of the content on my desktop (big hard drive) and not have to hook up my laptop each time I want to watch something.
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Steven Yackel

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i have already submitted two bugs and one feature request to google. lets keep making google+ better!
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How about derived circles...everyone in one circle is automatically added to another circle. Think Family->Extended Family
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