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Juliette Wade
Author of SF/F who explores language and culture at Dive into Worldbuilding
Author of SF/F who explores language and culture at Dive into Worldbuilding

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Tonya Liburd - Through Dreams She Moves
Author Tonya Liburd came on the show to tell us about the worlds she explores in her many short stories. She was very excited because she has just heard that the Book Smugglers will publish her story, "A Question of Faith," this coming July. Tonya began by ...

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Fonda Lee and Exo (Out now!)
We had a terrific group for this discussion! Fonda lee joined us to talk about her new book, Exo. She said it was born out of random thoughts during shower/dish time about how there aren't enough aliens in YA. And she wasn't talking about friendly or sexy a...

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Laura Anne Gilman and The Cold Eye
After having Laura Anne on the show to talk about Silver on the Road, and reading the book, I was keen to have her come back to discuss the sequel, The Cold Eye . So it was great when she agreed to join us! These two books are part of The Devil's West, whic...

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Physical Exercise
There's something about New Year's (probably the resolutions ) that makes me think of physical exercise, so we decided to take this topic on. Physical exercise is often considered a way to better yourself. There are the health and strength benefits, of cour...

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Strength and Weakness
The first thing that came to mind for me when we discussed this topic was how important questions of strength and weakness can become in fiction. This takes different forms for male and female characters. I thought of Maui from the movie Moana, whose physic...

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In-Group Marking (nicknames, slang, secret handshakes, etc.)
I have always loved the idea of the secret handshake, but I never learned the term "in-group" until I was studying Japanese. This discussion was about how we mutually mark ourselves as members of common social groups, i.e. as insiders. The initial spark for...

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Marshall Ryan Maresca and An Import of Intrigue
Author Marshall Ryan Maresca joined us to talk about his latest book, An Import of Intrigue. He explained that this is the fourth book he's written in this world, and the second in the series - he's got two series going on concurrently, and a third series w...

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We had an interesting discussion of friendship. The word "friend" can be used for many different kinds of relationships. Acquaintance, classmate, just people you frequent, or very close friends, or Facebook friends, etc. Hangouts and Skype increase the list...

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Ken Liu and The Wall of Storms
Multiple award-winning epic fantasy and "silkpunk" author Ken Liu stopped by the show to talk about his new book, The Wall of Storms, which came out on October 4th. He said that writing this second book was a challenge because while he'd had unlimited time ...

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We got together a couple of weeks ago to talk about prosthetics. There are more prosthetic things than you might expect, of course, starting with the pirate's peg leg and the Captain's hook. If you define a prosthetic as any artificial addition to the body,...
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