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Anyone Want to Classroom Test Something?
Hi! We are field testing all of our new materials in pilot schools, but I have one activity where the first draft was unworkable, and we have to come up with something totally new, and since the pilot schools are past this point I can't throw another versio...

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Is This Thing On?
Hello, Blogoworld! I'm not sure if anyone is still listening, but if you are, I have a short assignment for you. I'm preparing a talk where I'll show different people's sample work to the same problem. So I'd like to collect a bunch of different responses. ...

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What I Think a Rate Is Right Now
Stating a few assumptions before I get into this: I'm going to explain how I use the word "rate" and the phrase "unit rate" (and also throw around the word "ratio" somewhat recklessly) and it might not match what's in your textbook or how you use the words ...

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In Defense of Unsexy
Do know know what we need the most right now in the College Board's bank of new SAT questions? Easy questions. Nobody wants to write easy questions. We all want to write the question with the diabolical double switchback wrinkle that only 15% are going to g...

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NCTM Nashville Presentation
I had the pleasure of attending the NCTM regional meeting in Nashville this week. I learned some cool stuff that I'm still processing, and I got to do a presentation. In the presentation I tried to explore whether the way I would rewrite and rework lessons ...

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Hello! Your spiders are going in the mail today! Enjoy!

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Friday Favorites 7
Happy Friday! (It's really Saturday but I'm going to backdate this post and pretend it's Friday. Ha! Technology!) My reading and favoriting has slowed down because I have made the decision to limit my Twitter time, which is exceptionally mature of me, I thi...

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Every Bit of This
Link High schools focus on elementary applications of advanced mathematics whereas most people really make more use of sophisticated applications of elementary mathematics. … Many who master high school mathematics cannot think clearly about percentages or ...

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Exponential Functions and also Area of a Triangle
That title is confusing, right? I know! I just wanted to alert y'all to some tasks that recently went up on Illustrative Mathematics that might address some of your needs, if you are teaching these things.  Exponential Functions : These tasks involve negati...

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Friday Favorites 6
Happy Friday! I am elbows deep in Trello, of all things, but the cat is good company. Here we go... Team Desmos I took a stab at Activity Builder with an activity that deals with discovering pi and thinking of circumference vs diameter as a proportional rel...
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