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Gives you Everything about any topic.

Imagine knowing everything about anything, instantly.... that's what its like. powerful stuff.

On your iPhone Safari or Android browser, go to

(See examples for Everything Avater, Everything Whitney Houston and Everything Robert Scoble).

It's still in Beta, so come over, try your own topic of interest, and tell me what you think
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Tip: How to search Google Plus

Strangely enough there is no search option inside Google Plus... but you can still search it - at least for public posts.

Simply head to and type " " then add your query,

Such as:


Sidestepping Apple: From Amazon to Condé Nast, Companies Rethink App Strategies | Epicenter |

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Stuck at the airport? Bored waiting in line? Why not check out your favorite content from ABC, NBC or Disney? Through DoAT you can stream content directly from these great publishers' mobile optimized sites!

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New Web App of the Day - Block Dream (Free)
Play this great classic - one of the best implementations of a mobile HTML5 game I have ever seen - smooth and clean gameplay, tap to flip, drag to move.

Find it on the DoAT iPhone app in the @Play channel, Enjoy,

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Web App Tip: Google+ Notifications when reading Gmail

This is a very subtle one - I totally missed it initially,

When you read Gmail, look for a very small red line on top of the "more" menu. If it's red, you can pull down to see the number of notifications waiting for you in Google+

(Image is from the @email channel on DoAT, where you can search with one click across all your email accounts, including Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL mail, Facebook Messages, Linkedin...)
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