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Aaron Myers
I'm a lost boy
I'm a lost boy


If you have any questions, stupid or otherwise. Just ask me directly. Speculative statements about a stranger with in ear shot are rude and make you look ignorant as fuck.

Really, you talk shit about me in passing where you know I can hear then scurry away. If you feel so strongly or aee that concerned, just stop and engage. 100% of the shit you people say and think is wrong you sound stupid. Why do you give me a moment of thought or time, blows my fucking mind.

Don't worry, lady. I'll make sure this booty belt gets back to Amazon fulfillment ASAP

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Today is my daughter's birthday and I can't see her. This is the worst.

I absolutely hate everyone. Why are you such petty, simple minded creatures?

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What would be the best bridge to jump off, in New York?

Stupid shit people have said to me or i overhead in passing, this werk.

"Oh my god, he is eating an Apple, gross"
"He got a knife to intimidate us"
"Your parents didn't buy you that, asshole."
"He looked up at the sky, what a douchebag"
"That's him"
"Do you know who that is?!"
"Oh my god, look at him, he is gone."

I've accepted the fact that I have no future in life. The NYPD and DA made sure to destroy my life. Between that and random people constantly talking shit about me, i will never grt a job or anything going for myself. I might as well have fun with it. There is a sense of freedom when you accept things. Hope keeps you down. Hate can set you free.

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