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I had a question about the character builds for the Sentinels that are in the book. Granted, I'm not familiar with all the character creation rules. These things stuck out to me.

Folks like Astra and Atlas have their superpowered physique score listed on their character sheet with their Attributes. Yet, the same cannot be said of Rush and his superspeed. He has "normal" Attributes, and his superpower stuff is all details in his Stunts. Astra and Atlas do this as well, but have their metahuman physique scores included in their Attributes. What's the thought behind this?

The Harlequin has this really, really high armor rating in order to reflect or rubberized physiology. She's essentially impervious to kinetic damage. Nimbus is also impervious to physical harm for the most part, but I don't see anything on her sheet that represents that aside from her Power Aspect. What's the thinking behind some characters having these values expressed numerically on the sheet and some characters not?

Thank you so much for your time!


I had a very awesome, if unfeasible, thought when I was reading the rules for the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game. I don't know how profitable this game was for Evil Hat, if at all... but ... what I do know is this:
A) There is PLENTY of artwork already done to use for...
B) An Atomic Robo Cooperative Card game! That would be awesome!

You just use the same mechanics and switch up the aesthetic. Instead of "Cases" you're solving "Scientific Mysteries." Foes can still be Foes. Your hits can look like robot fists or lightning bolts and your Clues (Hypotheses) can look like question marks or brains or something. Fate Point will have an atom symbol rather than a pentagram. The Books can follow the narrative of the comics.

Just a flight of fancy. 

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game #DFCO

Over the weekend I finally opened up all my packages from the Kickstarter and started exploring the Dresden Files card game. I've only read the first four books, but the things I've seen for those books in the game are really cool! I like the basic rules of the game and how the players work together to solve mysteries and combat the forces of evil. I love competitive games as much as the next guy, but cooperative games have become some of my favorite family games as of late (see Mysterium). The artwork is awesome; it's really colorful and mesmerizing. From the moment the box arrived, my daughters were curious about what's in the box and how does the game work and things like that.

The very first time we played, we played it wrong, I'm sure. But we had fun and my daughters really enjoyed it. Karrin Murphy and Billy & Georgia are the favorites thus far, though I'm partial to Michael Carpenter. We haven't used any other characters but the original five: Harry, Susan, Murphy, Michael, Billy & Georgia. And we're also still trying to win against STORM FRONT. I've played five times! Three times with my daughters and twice solitaire and we still haven't beaten it yet. I think the replay value and the challenge is what keeps us coming back for more.

I have two questions if anyone out there feels like answering or discussing these things:

Why does the game ask that the characters be randomized? Either randomly handed out or, if picked by players, seating order randomized after? I don't understand how that makes any difference Anyone have an idea?

*And why does Harry have to be in every game? His Talent ability is very useful, but is there some mechanical reason he need to be present? I know the game's got his name on it, but still... I was thinking about doing an all female character game... Maybe we could be Harry's Angels or something... Luccio, Molly, Murphy, Georgia (and Billy), and Susan... *

Thanks for your time!

Is this the appropriate place to discuss the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game?
Or is there a G+ community for that game?

I have the urge to variably sing the praises, talk about my experiences and ask questions of interested or authoritative parties. +Fred Hicks I definitely want to spread the word about this game.

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#DresdenFiles #DFCO #CardGames

This is happening! I just got my shipment this morning and I wanted to share! If you didn't get in on this, go to your FLGS or Evil and see if you can buy some cards. I haven't opened it yet because the presentation is just so beautiful but I can't wait! I now know what my daughters and I will be doing this weekend!

(If this is inappropriate for this forum, I'll trust +Richard Bellingham to censor it.)

Thanks +Fred Hicks!

Spread the word, guys! Share this post everywhere!

The Secrets of Cats

I'm working on a magical stunt and I wanted to get some feedback from the community. This is reminiscent of that thing they do on Supernatural to get rid of angels for the scene.


Repel (Warding): Sometimes predators get into areas which have not been warded and they must be sent away as quickly as possible. Make a threatening display and yowl a loud challenge to assert your dominance. Roll Overcome using Warding and the target defends using Will or Warding. Success means that your target is forced away from you a number of zones equal to the shifts you scored against it. On a tie or failure, nothing happens. On a success at cost, the Warden takes one Mental stress and the target is forced back one zone.

Magical threats are swept away by a wave of invisible force while mundane threats have their flight reflex inexplicably triggered and seek to get away as quickly as possible. If you're a Warden, you can affect multiple targets in your zone by succeeding against the highest opposition.

If the Warden wants to keep the threats away, she must quickly raise a proper ward.

What do you guys think?

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The Juggernaut is on the rampage!

The team is on the run from the government in their chopper when the news comes over the wire. Every radio station and tv station is reporting on the Juggernaut's attack on a local power plant, stranding 60,000 people without power in the valley below! Feeling Insecure, Cyclops is reluctant to engage the threat. After the Sentinel incident was broadcast on the news, the X-Men were viewed as being dangerous freaks rather than saviors. Jean Grey has influence over Cyclops and she wants to convince him to get involved. She provokes him by reminding him of what his mentor would want. Cyclops does as Jean wants and takes the X-Men to engage the Juggernaut!

+1 Team to the pool

They arrive to see the Juggernaut chuck a military helicopter into the drink. The pilots are goners for sure, but Nightcrawler leaps into action to defend those soldiers! He's successfully rescues the soldiers and gives a little wave to the tv news cameras. He can't help it -- he's a happy-go-lucky delinquent. Then he vanishes in a puff of foul smelling smoke and rejoin his team.

+1 Team to the pool

They square up against Juggernaut at the top of the dam. The unstoppable mutant mocks them, calling out they their only children, they're no threat, and that they need their "papa" Professor X there to help them. The X-Men reject his influence over them and attack in order to prove they are a threat!

The team is entering battle against a dangerous foe as a team: +2 to the Team pool. Cyclops is the recognized leader and he has Influence over every member of the team: +1 Team to the Pool. Everyone has the same purpose in the fight: +1 Team. The X-Men trust one another and they are always prepared. Their total Team pool for this battle is 7!

Nightcralwer goes first, leaping into the fray to directly engage the Juggernaut! His rapid teleportation is disorienting and surprises old Jug-head! Then Cyclops directly engages with Juggernaut, blasting him with his pure concussive force! Jean gives him a boost with her powers, enabling Cyclops to avoid Jug-head's blows and take something from him: His footing! Cyclops blasts him, and with a little help from Iceman, they send him over the edge of the dam! The X-Men hide in order to get the drop on the Juggernaut... but now he's a little insecure because these kids just sent him sprawling.

Spyke directly engages and he and the Juggernaut trade blows! Both of them are able to get out of the engagement unscathed! With a little more help from Iceman, Spyke makes the Juggernatu angry! and Shadowcat moves in to unleash her powers and trap the Juggernaut in a concrete wall!

Kitty is successful, the GM opts to make a hard move against her. Juggernaut lashes out fully intending to crush her! Shadowcat is afraid and immediately _runs away.

Meanwhile, the GM informs Scott and Jean's players that the damage done to the dam is worsening and the water spewing from the cracks threatens to bring the whole thing down, flooding the valley below.

Jean goes to hold back the floodwaters, unleashing her powers! She wants to stop the flow, but it's becoming a little bit harder than she thought... and just when she thinks her effect on the water is unstable or temporary, Iceman shows up and freezes the water so that the flow stops completely!

Iceman is really great for spending Team from the Pool!

Nightcrawler comes in again, rapidly teleporting around the Juggernaut to directly engage in his infuriating manner. They trade blows and Nightcrawler is able to create an opportunity for his allies by unbuckling the Juggernaut's helmet. In the process, however, Juggernaut seizes Kurt in his crushing grip and then hurls him at Jean! They take a powerful blow and are now afraid!

Juggernaut breaks free from his concrete prison and lashes out at the kids again! "What are you tryin' t'do? Embarrass me to death? C'mon, gimme your best shot!" Again, Cyclops rejects Juggernaut's words and decides to embrace his recently upped Danger, eschewing the Savior his Mentor embodies. He blasts Juggernaut full force and is able to create an opportunity for his allies by knocking off the helmet!

Cyclops takes a powerful blow here and now Afraid. When the rest of the team sees what happens to Cyclops, they take a powerful blow and mark Angry. Nightcrawler, Spyke, and Iceman directly engage their rolls aren't very good. They end up taking on some more Conditons.

Rogue decides to make her move. She's going to defend Cyclops from Juggernaut because Scott's about to get his head popped like a grape! Shadowcat spends Team from the Pool and helps her by surreptitiously positioning Rogue in the perfect spot to pounce. Rogue grabs Juggernaut, trying to absorb his powers and lifeforce, hoping he'll release Scott. Her plan works, but she exposes herself to danger and now she's the focus of Juggernaut's attack!

Rogue directly engages with Juggernaut! Because she's Thick and Thin Skinned and she's Angry, she get's +1 ongoing when she's handling the Juggernaut! When the Juggernaut attacks, Rogue rolls 10+ and resists his blows with the fantastic strength she stole form him. This frightens him, and the GM marks his last Condition Afraid and since Iceman did nothing but help out his fellow teammates in this fight, his player gets the final narration of how the fight ends...

"Rogue backhands Juggernaut across the face and then picks him up and hurls him into the air! Then I come up and completely encase him in a hunk of ice where he splashes down into the river below!"

How you like to print the playbooks? Two pages? One? Front and back?

Okay, peeps...

Let's say you have the early draft of Dresden Files Accelerated and you wanted to use this as a template to adapt another popular Fate Core game: The Secrets of Cats. What are some things you would do?

Another question for folks more into the original DFRPG: Aside from the standard granularity adjustment you get from an Accelerated edition, what sort of Dresden Files versatility or rules do you lose in DFA that you miss and wish could have translated well?

Back to The Secrets of Cats! I think the Approaches in Dresden Files work really well for cats, too. They use Flair and Focus, they use Force and Haste, they use Guile and Intellect. I don't think the Approaches need to be adapted at...

How would you do Secrets of Cats Mantles?

#DFA #DresdenFilesAccelerated

Dresden Files Accelerated question: How do you know when to use ritual magic?

The guidelines from the chapter make sense to me but only in the context of what I know from the old school Dresden game.

The examples are helpful but don't illuminate when or how I know I'm using a ritual rather than an evocation. Is it supposed to only make sense in the context of prior knowledge of the setting or old school game?

It gets even more confusing because the section explicitly says you don't need a ritual to create and advantage like a Warded Area but then gives an example of a ritual to created a warded area.

Is the easiest guideline: When you want to use magic to create something with its own rules or something that breaks the rules ... that's ritual magic.

Any advice? Thoughts? Questions?
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