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Matthew Davis
That is not dead which may eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.
That is not dead which may eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.

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Grey Days: Dread - Ch. 3 (the plot coagulates)
Swift turned away from the
window, his face carved from stone for all that I could read him. Hack swung
around to look at me and sagged. His mouth quivered and an eye twitched, and
then he was coughing in wet, heaving racks that bent him double. I rushed ov...

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Grey Days: Intermezzo (memorium)
I never asked my parents for anything for Christmas. Not once. I mean, they got me stuff, the tree was usually piled high every year with gifts wrapped in exotic, shimmering paper from wild, foreign lands. One year I got a Vision Stone from Mu that let me a...

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Grey Days: Dread - An Excerpt (home again home again)
Casting a gnarly eye at my
desk, and the Libro Nihil where it lay upon the scarred old edifice, I began to
wonder. When my psychotic great-grandfather returned, bent on global
destruction, he had been brought back via the power of the Sleeper, a cosmic

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Wordforge 8-15-14 (The Mighty Rio Grande/Quiet Magic)
Wordforge 8-15-14 SONG: "The Mighty Rio Grande" by This Will Destroy You THEME: Quiet Magic Lungs burning and heart pounding he runs through the woods, the slim silhouettes of trees standing out as darker patches in the half-light of an obfuscated moon, but...

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Wordforge 8-14-14 (Eula/Terrible Truths)
Wordforge 8-14-14 SONG: "Eula" by Baroness THEME: Terrible Truths There are some parts of the Other Side where reality completely breaks down into a roiling, infinite cauldron of chaos, the raw stuff of Creation. And it's that mad, primordial ocean that sta...

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Wordforge 8-13-14 (The Forsaking/Revelation)
Wordforge 8-13-14 SONG: "The Forsaking" by Fleshgod Apocalypse THEME: Revelation Bastion's hands fumble as they reach for the curtains. Muscles and nerves twitch and it takes a deep breath and a moment of concentration before the priest can convince his fin...

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Wordforge 8-12-14 (Every Planet We Reach Is Dead/Onward)
Wordforge 8-12-14 SONG: "Every Planet we Reach is Dead" by The Gorillaz THEME: Onward The end of the world didn’t arrive, it awoke. It happened on a Sunday early in the morning as
the sun was dragging itself lazily into the sky, preparing to take the journe...

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Wordforge 8-11-14 (White Waking/Strange Realms)
Wordforge 8-11-14 SONG: "White Waking" by Les Rallizes Denudes THEME: Strange Realms There's no such thing as time at the fringes, the ragged, seething border marches between the tapestry of Creation and the great, unknowable Other beyond it. There's barely...

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Wordforge 8-9-14 (The Day the World Went Away/Loss)
Wordforge 8-9-14 SONG: "The Day the World Went Away" by Nine Inch Nails THEME: Loss "Monsters like you don't get happy endings, Hurlitz." Tommy the Fish waggled his pistol in my face as he spoke, like some sick conductor's rod, the barrel gaping at me like ...

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Wordforge 8-8-14 (free write)
Out in the country on the side of the road and at the edge of a dirt field sits a tired, faded little cross. Someone put it in the ground in remembrance of a life cut short. It's a cheap affair, sticks painted white and tied with red cloth, a pile of dried ...
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