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Hmmm, may be I should have replace this mineral oil a little earlier...

A question for every one.

I came off my bike on Monday at a bend on a local QuiteWays route, hit my head pretty bad suffering concussion, looking at strava I was there for over 10 minutes, what I can remember of it, does not add up to more then may be 2.

Some how managed to make my way the remaining 6km through London to an office, thinking the whole way "where do I work? Not to worry, the bike will take me there". After this experience, if I see some one come off, I'll be more insistent in my assistance, as I remember waving off one passer by, and I can't believe I was entirely safe on the bike.

Any way, I rode home today and had a look at the bend, and other than being newly laid brick work and having an inverse camber, there was nothing that really stood out, no oil (it was light rain on the day). It wasn't until riding around the newly built Lewisam round about, where they are using the same brick work on the pavement, that I noticed a GIANT sanding belt, smoothing down the brick work!
Shocking on a pavement for pedestrians, but I would have thought completely incompetent on a cycle path.

Question is, what can I do to get the council to fix this junction/turning?

For any one interested here is the turning.

Morning all

My other half has decided to get her self some cycling shoes for her commute to work.

Shes not looking for road shoes as she'll often have to walj, which leaves the more mtb style.

The problem is shes a size 5, and for the life of us we seem to be struggling to find nice mtb shoes in her size.

For all you ladies out there with similar size feet, do you have any suggestions?

Ideally leather, and slim looking.

Hello all

Our little one is going back to school next week, and in a few months will be migrating her bigger bike with a Pannier rack on the back.

Our intention is for her to ride with us to/from school.

We're looking for a suitable pannier bag, with the mandatory requirements being...

Black (or dark blue), ideally with a shoulder strap.

Ideal... would be the above, but in some way cutesy for kids, with internal compartmentalisation of sorts suitable for you know the usual that kids need at school, and water proof.

I doubt I'd get the latter, but I'm hoping I don't have to settle for the former :)

Does any one have any suggestions?

Afternoon all

Looks as if I may have forgotten to service my rear hub on my bike, and it's developed a rather nasty creaking noise.

I'm going to open it up and see what needs to be done (hopefully a good greese and possibly new bearings, but not pitted).

It's a shimano XT hub.

So two questions.

1) Any one know where i would get new bearings for this hub?
2) if the hub is overly carbonised toast, what would people's recommendation be?

I'm not a small lad at 110kg, and do a fair amount of cycling in all weather (80mile weekly commute).

What hubs work well from a serviceability perspective, are hope any good with their sealed bearings?

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Want sure if this should go in training or advocacy so went with general :)

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Afternoon all

I'm looking at getting a cycling rack, and am currently debating between a Thule and Atera.

Does any one here have any experience with either of these?
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