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I write stuff on the web
I write stuff on the web

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I miss dancing. :(

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Social Media for Business.

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Develop Website Trust Signals That Drives Conversion for Your Business

#trustsignals   #conversionrateoptimization  

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Double-Sided Business Cards?

Some say double-sided business cards are better; some say otherwise. One can only speak for oneself, as your perception depends on how much you need it and how it can benefit you.

#businesscards  #doublesidedbusinesscards

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How to Develop Your Social Media Campaign

Social media has been an effective means not just for people to connect with each other, but also for businesses to reach out to their target market just as with promoting your business through promotional brochures. Creating an account, be it in YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, is one of the best strategies to increase your profit, advertise, and expand influence.

#socialmedia   #smm  

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Create a Powerful Brochures for your Business

Brochures are mainly used to introduce your business to your potential market. Other than letting the world know that your business exists, this strategy is also a less expensive way of advertising. But don’t let your brochures end up in the trash bins. Here are ways to create powerful brochures for your business...

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*Ultimate Collection of Print Design Inspiration* 

As more and more businesses are taking better advantage of the nearly limitless possibilities of cyberspace, designing for the web has slowly but surely began to take up a large part of the world of design.

However, much of the world still relies on physical materials—_unique brochures, catchy flyers, flashy posters, modern business cards, etc._— in acquiring new information, whether it is about products, services or news. Print design still rests on its seat of honor; only now, it has to be changed and utilized in a more appealing and efficient manner to compete with the convenience and creativity of web design.

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