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Helen Chick
Blogger. Marketing Executive. Social media enthusiast.
Blogger. Marketing Executive. Social media enthusiast.

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Is Facebook dying?
So I am in my mid 20s and have grown up with profile has been with me since 2007 so happy 10th birthday to my Facebook profile. Woo. Despite my best efforts to stick to MySpace, it wasn't to be and my emo phase had to come to an end. Sob. Now ...

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Hello, it's me.
I know it's been forever and a day since I last wrote on here but I have been a busy little bee and life has just got in the way. SO much has happened, all exciting though, so let me catch you up. The 30before30 lis t is going strong, I've managed to tick a...

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New Year. New Me.
Lol jokes. Last year was fabulous so let's just keep going. Christmas was good... Lots of cheese and wine - yum. Great time with the family, playing games and catching up with people. Lovely jubbly. Then for New Year the uni girls and I hit Amsterdam... Bes...

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Feeling Festive?
With so much doom and gloom recently the media seems to be more Eyore than ever before! But never fear, the C word is (nearly) here! CHRISTMAS! Over the past week or so most of the major retailers have provided us with the excitement of their festive ads! H...

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30 before 30...
100% stolen this from my friend Ross... but I am sure he won't mind! So he hit 25 and made a 30 before 30 list, which I think is awesome. What a great idea, perfect motivation! This week I celebrated my quarter century so naturally, I am now copying him! I ...

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Real-time Marketing
Quick catch up from me... September has been a busy one so far with lots going on! Being a busy bee is always good though, as well as maintaining my "social butterfly" status. WOO. Lots of trips out with the uni girlies which is my all time favourite thing ...

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Communication is key...
This point is one that I am extremely passionate about, so apologies if I sound like a broken record. To me, communication is essential in every walk of life, and I don't understand why not everyone can see that...! Outside of the workplace, we are exposed ...

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Take two
So it's been a while... But I am back! There's a lot of blogs in the pipeline, so watch this space. A few marketing, advertising, personal and all sorts going on. But here's a short blog to let you know what's been going on with me since my last blog... So ...

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Look up, and smile
I know I sound like a broken record but this is a topic of conversation again. Recently Marketing Week posted an article about brands needing to recognise and adapt to consumers wanting a "digital detox" - read the article here . The key feature of this art...

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Volunteer Week
So this week is Volunteers Week - it's been trending on Twitter today as we see the start of June marking a week of celebrating volunteers. The aim of this is to celebrate those who currently volunteer, as well as encouraging more people to give up their ti...
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