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Matt Croydon

All about Hardware Equipment  - 
Marco just dropped his mega-review of podcasting microphones. He put the Shure 87C at the top of his list. A couple of the usual suspects, some interesting choices that don't normally get a lot of attention, and some notable misses.

Based on the list at the bottom it looks like a lot of those will get filled in over time.
Podcasting Microphones Mega-Review. First published on September 7, 2015. Will be updated over time. It's hard to find useful microphone recommendations for podcasters: most people have only tried one or two, except pro audio engineers, who have very different needs and record in very different ...
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+Mike Phillips 
 It's written for anyone who will read it. If it's inaccurate it does not serve anyone Mac user or not. 
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Matt Croydon

All about Hardware Equipment  - 
These new mixers from Yamaha look like they have a lot of potential.

Usually when I write about Yamaha at NAMM, I’ll talk about new guitars or keyboards, but today the company introduced a new mixer it said was designed...
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What we need is nice comparison of the pre-amps.. 
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McAllister: Arr, matey. Nary a warning light to be seen. 'Tis clear sailing ahead for our precious cargo.

Sailor: Uh, would that be the hot pants, sir?

McAllister: Aye, the hot pants.
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Matt Croydon

General Podcast Discussion  - 
Kai Ryssdal periscoped this evening's Marketplace broadcast. It's always great to get a peek in to how different things are made. Some applies more to live radio but this gets packaged up in to a daily podcast as well.
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Matt Croydon

Introduce yourself, your Podcast  - 
Hi everyone. I've been lurking around this great community and pitching in when I can, but I haven't formally introduced myself or my show. The show is The Tinycast at and covers topics ranging from library catalog systems to deadly software bugs in about five minutes or so.

In the most recent episode I took lessons from Roman Mars' Podcast Movement keynote and tried to apply them to a one-person podcast. The full transcript is online so you can skim quickly as well. The takeaway is the list about halfway through.

I'm always open to feedback but you can just pretend it's a link to an interesting blog post too.
This is Matt Croydon and you are listening to The Tinycast. I'm always looking for ways to make this show better. I read about how other people make podcasts. I learn about how people make Radio, a...
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+Matt Croydon Thanks. I do use a side-chain compressor to auto duck but only by -24db, so perhaps I'll push that down a little more and possibly reduce the overall volume of the music. It's true what they say, that music sounds louder than voice at the same level.
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