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What's this Blog for?
This woman,  Emily Esfahani Smith,  touches on one of the reasons I keep this blog. I saw this on PBS Newshour today:  “In recent years, psychologists have started looking more closely at how the single-minded pursuit of happiness affects us, and they have ...

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finding purpose through pain
I watched this PBS NOVA episode called  “ Iceman: Reborn.” recently; it explores the life of a 5,300 year old
man found buried in ice in the Italian Alps in 1991. Researchers found 61 tattoos on his body – 61! The
tattoos are mostly straight lines in differ...

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Organizing the Kitchen
I'm in pain. right now. and every day. I didn't used to be. About two years ago, chronic pain became a part of my life and it's never left. In December, I learned more about what was going on.  I have more than of a few conditions that are encouraging my bo...

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National Museum of African American History and Culture Opening: Sept 24, 2016
This country was built on the backs of black men and women,
forced into slavery.   Our country
wouldn’t be what it is today if we didn’t have the free and arduous labor black
men, women and children provided in the fields and on the plantations.   How our e...

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His mom
Reading with my son on FaceTime started my evening off on the right foot. My day was ok, but after the busy-ness of work was over and I got home, I felt a little, eh. Driving to Costco and buying new contacts sounded tiring. The idea of going to the gym did...

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Building depth
Being a distance parent is hard. Being a parent is hard. You
give a lot but you get a lot, too.  You grow
a lot. You learn a lot. I think the biggest universal thing you learn as a parent is
how to love deeper; and for me, that is a
journey my son leads. He...

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Closer to Love
I adopted a cat a little over a month ago who hadn't ever lived in  home. To help him adjust to the transition, the first day I got home from work, I dropped everything, got down to his level laying on my belly and lovingly pet and snuggled with him. I'd be...

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City Light
grew up rural. Like real rural. For nearly 400 miles, my hometown of 5k is
the biggest city around. Can't drive in, dependent on the limited flights
in a day for milk and eggs kind of rural. Like, if a blizzard decided to grace
us with its presence for a ...

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Surface of the Sun
I've always been a sun person, always had a certain reverence for it.  Us, our planet, and our solar system wouldn't have developed without the creation of our sun happening first.  It's birth, gave birth to everything else. Sometimes, from here on earth, w...
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