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Another great Bandstand Busking today with +Diane Cluck +Tom Brosseau +Sky Larkin in the London sunshine. Good job +Lynn Roberts +Thom Hoffman +Chris Rogers  #london #event #music

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Ever felt you weren't up to speed with National Guidance on IMRT for anal cancer then check out my sister's guidance. (Don't actually - just wanting google to find it)

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Help us with Bandstand Busking...

We're looking for music fans to join the Bandstand Busking team to help with... 

- Videos
- Artist booking
- Event organising
- Marketing and PR
- Sponsorship

Find out more:

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Free lectures...

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This one's for you +Kimberley Pryor 
The new periodic table song from ASAP Science!

A must-learn for all budding chemists out there.

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Jim - might be useful for our chrome extension project
If you missed #EdgeConf  this weekend, fear not! The last video finished uploading just a few minutes ago, and now all of the sessions are available online!  Be sure to check them out!

Panel 1 - Offline:
Panel 2 - Network:
Panel 3 - Performance:
Panel 4 - Responsive layout:
Panel 5 - Input:
Panel 6 - Privileged access:
Panel 7 - Testing and tooling:

What was your favorite panel?  Learn anything that will change the way you develop for the web?

+Pete LePage 

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Worrying, but more importantly, funny.

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Shock and awe - the New Myspace UI is really quite impressive. - lots to copy.

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So - I think we should start the year as we wish to go on - with a couple of Sunday night pints in the Pembury. I think we should make this a regular Sunday evening activity - open invitation really.
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