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I give #comcast plenty of (justified) crap but their ipv6 implementation is very impressive.  Kudos to the engineers who worked and continue working on that project.

Happy Birthday #Etsy!  Here's an amusing historical chat between Chris and I.  Feel free to share it on more popular platforms that I refuse to use...  :P

Session Start (Haim:Chris): Mon Jun 20 14:39:20 2005
[Monday 14:39] Haim: LISTINGS!
[Monday 14:39] Chris: yes?
[Monday 14:39] Chris: totally!
[Monday 14:39] Chris: they rule
[Monday 14:39] Haim: oops
[Monday 14:39] Haim: I want more dammit
[Monday 14:39] Chris: they'll be flooding in
[Monday 14:40] Haim: actually I want to see a transaction happen
[Monday 14:40] Chris: by week's end
[Monday 14:40] Chris: yeah
[Monday 14:40] Chris: i've been keeping my eye on that too

Session Start (Haim:Chris): Mon Jun 20 23:47:10 2005
[Monday 23:47] Haim: Slow and steady it does grow huh?
[Monday 23:47] Chris: yeah
[Monday 23:47] Chris: 2 transactions is intense
[Monday 23:47] Chris: i didn't expect that
[Monday 23:47] Haim: ?!?!
[Monday 23:47] Chris: yeah man
[Monday 23:47] Haim: it happened!?
[Monday 23:47] Haim: no shit?
[Monday 23:47] Haim: when?!
[Monday 23:47] Chris: sure did
[Monday 23:47] Chris: check the timestamptz

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We're not alone!  (Feel free to listen too FF9 You Are Not Alone while reading this excellent post)

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Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words.  (Pic taken by my little bro)

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Gigabit Seattle must be coming soon, Comcast just upped my speed for "free".


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Remember having to use these?

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What did it really look like to build Etsy? :)
(This is from sometime in 2006)

Haim's Maxim #343: "If regexp is the solution, you're solving a problem the data creators didn't want to bother with."

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When you think of things that you experienced as a child but due to technology your own children won't, finding a green potato chip at lunch isn't usually on the list.  It should be!

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Sometime the onion crosses over from humor to painful truth.
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