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Love the slider where you can adjust how much of other people's stuff appears in the stream. Brilliant!!! -- Go to one of your circles. Just above the "Share what's new" block you'll see the slider. Adjust this for each circle to control the amount of content that goes into your stream from those circle. Again, brilliant.

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We had a video conference with Sue Stauffacher the other day and she mentioned how she recently saw a YouTube clip of a seagull stealing a bad of Doritos. I finally had a chance to sit down and check it out. This 1:30 clip is worth every second.

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Stuff You Should Know -- Twinkies!!!

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Hmm - interesting.

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Just saw that g+ added games ... so much for not being FB. Downhill from here?

Back from Assateague ... life is good, sunburn is bad.

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Oliver Voss’ “The Bather” in Alster Lake (Hamburg, Germany). Apparently she'll be done bathing around August 14th. I wonder how they'll get her out of there ... ... Ghostbusters 2 style?

It feels great to have the day off -- Cape May, here we come!!

G+ in the browser, not so bad ... mobile? Not so much.
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