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Proposed bus services for Rothbury and Coquetdale.
Proposed bus services for Rothbury and Coquetdale.


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Here's an update and reminder of our proposed services due to begin operation this summer...

We'd love to hear any of your thoughts!

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We are still moving forward!

Don’t worry - we haven't gone anywhere - merely buried under paperwork!

We are still continually pushing for a summer launch date for our services.
Along with residents current needs, this will allow us to serve and support the majority of Rothbury and Coquetdale's key events such as Rothbury Traditional Music Festival, School Summer Holidays, Rothbury Walking Festival, and all of the valleys shows climaxing with Alwinton Border Shepherds' Show.

We have settled on the best option for our buses too and they are currently sitting awaiting collection once further paperwork is completed. This will then allow us to bring them to the area for some initial publicity before commencing the services.

We do not have a launch date as of yet, but as mentioned above, we are aiming to be running this summer.

It is very encouraging to be continually contacted by residents, businesses and visitors to the region with strong support for our proposals.Please feel free to contact us (or check our FAQ) if you have any further enquiries, suggestions or comments.


Here is an update on what we are planning to operate this year...

Thropton - Rothbury -direct-> Alnwick (+ some to Alnmouth Station)
5 Daily Trips - Broken down as follows;
Morning & Evening Commuter Service
Mid Morning & Afternoon Shopping and Leisure Service
Mid Day Service

There will also be mid morning and mid afternoon trips on the following routes on various (often multiple) days...
Rothbury - Snitter - Netherton - Alwinton - Harbottle - Thropton - Rothbury
Rothbury - Fontburn - Scots Gap - Cambo - Wallington Hall + Return
Rothbury - Thropton - Hepple - Elsdon + Return (under review)

All three above routes will continue onto Alnwick and be timed to connect with existing services to Morpeth in Rothbury.
This will allow residents to travel onto further destinations from the town's and visitors access to rural Coquetdale and beyond by connecting in Rothbury.
There will be about 3 - 4 hours between trips allowing plenty time in Rothbury (having traveled from upper Coquetdale) or time explore the rural area if visiting. If traveling onto Alnwick / connecting to Morpeth there will still about 1 - 2 hours in either town before return trip on these routes.

Return trip to Morpeth from Thropton via Longframlington
Return trip to Alnwick from Thropton

2 Return Trips to Morpeth via Longframlington
2 Return Trips to Alnwick + Alnmouth Station

All will be operated with low floor easy access buses.

As always we will keep you informed with updates as and when we can.
We still have a fair bit of work to do but are fairly confident of being up and running for this summer.

Thank you for all the continued support and patience in this drawn out process. We hope to bring residents and visitors a tailored service built around this valleys unique requirements shortly!

Spirit Buses Team

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We are looking for your input on our proposed evening services to and from #Rothbury via our short Online Survey.

We have had a great number of requests for late evening services to / from #Alnwick, #Morpeth and Upper #Coquetdale.

In response to this we are proposing a number of alternatives to make each route viable.
Your opinions and feedback on these are vital to providing buses at times residents and visitors wish to travel.

Late evening services to / from Alnwick and Morpeth* would give more time to see a movie, concert or to stay for another drink.

*Our proposed services would connect with buses departing Newcastle roughly 30mins prior to suggested times below.

An evening service to Alwinton via our GREEN route would connect with the last bus from Morpeth (originating from Newcastle) in Rothbury.
It would also continue onto Alnwick or Morpeth depending on above results.

Many thanks for your continued encouragement, support and enthusiasm.
Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We'd like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our new proposed network map.
Our various services from #Rothbury  are being drawn up to provide the most viable routes for residents and visitors to the area.

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We've updated our ROUTES page to include further proposals.
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