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Need a Freelance Ghostwriter?
I haven't been on the blog for a while as I've been a busy bee, building up my freelance ghostwriting business. Yep, I'm now accepting requests for ghostwriting contracts. So what does this all mean? I will write your story for you, or I will write regular ...

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Fantasy Excerpt: Guardian Dragons: Sea Whistle
Book 1 Guardian Dragons Chapter 9 Sea Whistle: ‘Well, your mother Elma and Minnah ran off to the coastline, and invented a tune on the magic whistle.’ Grandma Dahlia threw up her arms, she told the story with her usual dramatic vigour. ‘They called up the b...

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Book Review: Ghost Stories by Tony Walker
  Ghost Stories by Tony Walker 3.0 out of 5 stars 8 July 2015 A gentle chill factor   A nice easy read with a wee bit of a chill factor. Being from the UK, I
recognized many of the places in the Lakes and Wales, which gave it a
nice personal touch. Nothin...

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Fantasy Book excerpt: Chapter 8 A Young Lady's Rituals
Chapter 8 A Young Lady's Rituals: Gloria
finished the arduous ceremony of pampering her head with pins and
things. Once Gloria had made the momentous decision of what clothing she
should wear for the moonwake, she would hasten after Frizzle to grab

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Book Review: The Legender: J Link - fantasy adventure 4/5
The Legender (Arkosaegan Book 1)  Jason Link (Author)  4.0 out of 5 stars   A good adventure with some nasty creatures lurking. 30 Jun. 2015  By Catherine L. Vickers As the plot unfolds the
book gets better. Not that it isn't a good read, because I thoroug...

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Book Reviews: Demon Calumnius and Fire & Ice
Can't believe I haven't been posting my Book Reviews on here for ages: So, I'm starting backwards and putting up some more recent ones, plus some older ones, of my opinion on a few books I've read. By the way, if I cannot read a book, because I don't like i...

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Brotherly Love, fantasy chapter quote
Guardian Dragons Book 1 of the Aarabassa World series Chapter 7 Brotherly Bond: "His
mind may be old, but he’s still the best looking brother," Amos proudly
announced. "Any girl who doesn’t swoon in his presence, is
half-witted." Prince Amos is referring...

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The quest of a Changeling
3 in 1 book World of Aarabassa Character Image: Please meet Heather. Not only is she the daughter to the human Head Mage, Heimarl, but she is also a Changeling. We follow her quest throughout the fantasy series, set on The World of Aarabassa. See her Change...

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Chapter 6: A New Guard
Aarabassa World:Series One Fedros -  Human. Lightlands. Son of Rikka the witch. Chapter 6 A New Guard: It
dawned on him that he had not turned off the oil lamp, when sneaking
around earlier. Eavesdropping, at the muffled noises of the Prince’s

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5 * review for new release: My Protector
I'm pleased to announce that my first review for my new and latest release, My Protector, is a 5* one. 5 Neat concept By Amazon Customer "MAT" on February 9, 2015 An
interesting short story, almost like there was 4 short stories mixed
inside of one one st...
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