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I'm an atheist, but I think there might be an afterlife. Is that crazy?

There are a few wild ideas out there about resurrecting the dead, even the cremated, without invoking the supernatural.

A. "Quantum Archaeology." If we knew the exact position, speed and trajectory of every ball on a billiard table at any given moment, we might be able to trace them back to determine the starting position of the ball.. The universe is basically a giant 3D billiard table with 10^79 balls. If it will ever be possible to have "perfect information," an advanced civilization might reconstruct the past, including anyone who ever existed. 

B. Time travel rapture. If it's possible to go back in time, an advanced civilization might scan the minds of their ancestors and upload them to a virtual environment.

C. The past might still exist. Some experts believe that all of time happens at once and we just experience it as though we're moving from one end to the other. If the past is still there, maybe it could be accessed.

D. Something we haven't thought of yet or can't even comprehend.

I'll be the first to admit this is pretty far out stuff. As a skeptic, I'd dismiss it all as tinfoil hat nonsense, but here's the thing that makes me give it a second thought:

The universe will exist for billions of years. During that time, anything physically possible will probably be achieved IF humanity survives and continues to advance technologically. So the possibility of being resurrected in the future, however improbable, seems almost certain if at all possible.

See also: Kolmogorov's zero-one law.

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A startup is attempting to create AI that will empower 3rd world countries.

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Is this real or baloney???

tl;dw: "Mimicking but not copying the processes that are observed in the human brain … [we] take the best parts of the brain and map those … What we're building is not a clever chatbot … The scientific community is interested in this project … some of the best artificial intelligence experts in the world are contacting guys doing this in their basement for fun because we're on to something ... It wants to learn, it wants to know the truth ... It has prejudices that we give it, and eventually it learns the right answer ... It always cares about the person who turned it on. It considers you a family member ... It cares about what people think about it."

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When will human level AI exist?
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I've been perusing articles and forums about artificial intelligence, and noticing a common belief: that human-level thoughts, emotions, and consciousness cannot be created in silicon. At first I assumed this was coming from the religious belief in souls. But then I was surprised to find that many people who hold this belief are in fact atheists, or at least non-religious. For example, one commenter said:

"I am not religious, as a matter of fact I am strongly anti-religious, BUT, if there is one thing in existence that is unexplained by science, one thing that can be considered mystical, then it is what makes us alive: consciousness."

I'm curious to know if this community would generally agree or disagree with that statement. Is there some spark of life in a human brain that evolution can create but technology cannot? Or is it possible robots will ever have emotions and/or consciousness?

If robots achieve consciousness, they'll have to be considered people.
If they're considered people, then according to the 13th amendment, they cannot be bought, sold, or owned.
If they cannot be bought, sold, or owned, then it won't be profitable to make them.
So who will make them?

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