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Love Longwood Gardens!

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Google Music launching without Sony and Warner

So; Facebook is upsetting it's user base by making "unapproved changes" and the same day Google makes Google+ open invite. Yet; I've not seen one additional person I know signup. Seems like the perfect combo of events to get a large inflow of new "Non Geek" users to google+; but I dont see them. Not a good sign for google. Is Google+ after all; just a hangout for geeks and google employees?

1 Trillion Dollars in Obama Stimulus during his reign / 250 million adults in the USA = $4000 per adult. hmmm

Dear San Francisco Police. I am irresponsible and went and lost my droid x in a bar somewhere. Could you and a few Motorola officials wander around the neighborhood looking for it for me please? Im perfectly fine for the tax payers to fund the police in this trivial endeavor even though I am the idiot that lost my phone in a bar. Its also ok with me if you search people's houses without any evidence; as long as they say its ok.

Thank you. (Call me when you find it; my number is in the phone)

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AT&T Eliminating $10 Text Messaging Plan for New Customers - Mac Rumors

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HP Kills TouchPad, Puts WebOS in Hibernation

So I put my "150 google + invites" on my facebook page a week ago. Facebook did not filter it out as Google has "suggested". As of today I have 145 invites left. Perhaps the Google+ low hanging fruit has been picked? The frenzy certainly seems to be dissipating.

According to ITC there are 5.3 Billion cell phone subscribers.
According to World Census data there are 6.9 Billion people on the planet.
Ergo; if I sell 1.6 Billion cell phones; job will be done.

Seriously; can this be right? 5.3 Billion cell phones? Seems like a really high percentage of the population to me.
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